Brownface 20

One of the sweetest sounding amps ever dreamed up! 

The Tone Amp Doctor’s Brownface 20 is them paying homage to the Brownface and Blonde Fender amps made for a short time between 1958-63. These had slightly more power than the others in the range which allowed for higher clean head room. Built in harmonic Tremolo has been widely regarded as the best ever created on the original amps and as this is a very very close design you can expect the very best from these amps too. 

The two channels shared the same tone pot as in the originals however unlike the originals you are able to obtain one of these with relative ease. Also if you’re feeling brave and are handy with a soldering iron then these are available on kit form. 

Let us know which Tube Amp Doctor amp is your favourite.

Brownface 20 technical specifications

Colour Black
Made In Germany
Manufacturer Tube Amp Doctor
Manufacturer Part Number A196
Circuit Hybrid
FX Acoustic Simulator
Speaker Brand Celenstion
Speaker Configuration 1x10
Type Combo

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