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BOSS BC-1X Bass Comp

BOSS BC-1X Bass Comp

BOSS BC-1X, a multiband compressor for the discerning bass player! 

Making a good compressor is a tough thing. Getting the extremes (light compressing / hard compressing) is the easy part and most compressors have no problem there, the middle does the difference. Keeping an organic, natural sound, yet compressed is where it gets tricky and there the BOSS BC-1X excels. big time!

Playing the BOSS BC-1X actually made us feel "naked" once we bypassed it. Through the pedal, the clear sound of our bass was not deteriorated or lost, it was simply enhanced, had more balance and overall thickness which is exactly what a good compressor should do. The BC-1X is extremely dynamic, it feels as if it "listens" to you playing. While it is indeed a clean compressor, if you want to, you can push it to saturate slightly. Here is how you do it: set it to maximum ratio /minimum threshold /minimum release and play hard and you're all set. Check out the dynamics demo to hear this setting.

As all BOSS pedals, the BC-1X is built like a tank and user friendly.

Specs: BC-1X Bass Comp

Weight (in g) 450.00
Voltage 18
Polarity -
Circuit Digital
Main FX Compressor
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 73 X 59 X 129
Made In Taiwan
Type of Effect Pedal
Manufacturer BOSS


Playing It
Tutorial Video