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For nearly 20 years, Xotic has been a leading innovator in sound, design, and tone. Starting out as a one-man operation in a garage in San Fernando Valley, Southern California, selling high-quality basses and bass amps. Xotic had an edge that set them apart from other established brands in the already saturated market in1996. The Tri-Logic Bass Preamp, built into all their models, was this edge.

Edge number two came in the form of the Robotalk 1, an ‘ultra-boutique’ pedal hand made from scratch in limited qualities. Selling remarkably well, the pedal set the standard for the company’s future approach to building pedals. Constructed with premium quality, high durability parts with great functionality and carefully selected components, their products quickly began to make a name for themselves and Xotic took their next steps to expand with the help of Prosound Communications Inc. 
PCI became the parent company and expanded the exotic brand to Japan. PCI Japan helped with importation and sales of Xotic guitars, basses, and pedals, which were fast becoming known for their amazing tone quality.

The Tremendous Trio; the Xotic AC Booster, RC Booster, and BB Preamp were introduced between 2002 and 2005 with tremendous success. By 2009 the demand for Xotic's brand became too great to stay working out of the tiny garage in San Fernando so they moved into their current production offices in Van Nuys, CA. This sparked a kick into overdrive and by the end of the year, Xotic had released one of its best selling pedals to date, the Xotic EP Booster.
From vintage pickups to impeccably crafted guitars and basses, Xotic have carved a place for themselves in the world market for high quality and niche musical gear.
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Xotic Bass BB Preamp

Add some muscle to your bass tone. The Xotic Bass BB Preamp is the bass version of Xotic's infamous distortion / booster guitar pedal; the BB Preamp. Like it's sibling, the Bass BB Preamp has an easy four knob design and simple to use. the Gain, Treble, Bass and volume will get you where you want, they also react to every small tweak which means you can pretty much set your sound spot on.There is no question about how sturdy and handy the Xotic Bass BB Preamp is, it's built like a tank and the fact it is such a common pedal on bassists' pedal boards speaks for itself. Also worth mentioning, it is fully analog and has a true bypass on/off switch.Xotic promote the Bass BB Preamp using the sentence "add some muscle to your bass tone" - we pretty much agree.