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Walrus Audio

Walrus audio is a Oklahoma-based boutique pedal manufacturer whose creations found their way onto pedalboards around the globe. Founded in 2011 with Colt Westbrook being the primary helmsman, Walrus Audio is a collective of engineers, musicians and artists out to find the balance between art and performance in sound manipulation. Apart from rather conventional pedals like the popular Voyagar and the 385 Overdrive, the innovative minds at Walrus Audio come up with adventurous pedals like the Descent that combines a reverb and an octave with virtually countless possibilities for tweaking.

The product development process starts off, most of the time, with an accurate idea of a sound. By laying out different modules of a circuit, changing the order, exchanging certain parts and experimenting with their values the pursuit of this sound is achieved. Once satisfied with a prototype the pedal is put to the test in studios and by various session musicians. The detailed feedback helps to determine what needs improvement to create a truly desireable pedal. Finally after having chosen a proper name for the pedal, the artist Nathan Price will sketch out a few design ideas from which one will be the final one. Just like that a new pedal is born and ready to be released.

Having built various all-analog pedals, Walrus Audio has recently ventured into the world of digital signal processing. Hereby opening up to even more innovative and sonically suprising pedal creations.

Walrus Audio – a name to keep it mind!

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Walrus Audio Voyager

More than a one-trick pony... The Walrus Audio Voyager can serve as a treble shaper, clean boost or as an overdrive.

Walrus Audio 385 Overdrive

The son of a projectorYes, for real, the 385 by Walrus Audio is built after the Bell & Howell Filmosound Projector f

Walrus Audio Warhorn Mid-Range Overdrive

A versatile effect for the battle fieldWalrus Audio designed their Warhorn thinking of guitar players who like to k