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Victory Amps VX The Kraken

Victory Amps VX The Kraken

From home to the biggest stages. 

With its two channels and 50 watt power section the Victory Amps VX The Kraken is a one versatile guitar head. While channel one delivers that classic British tone, channel two takes you to the high gain modern world, both by the way sound fantastic. Had this been all, this amp would have been just a nice amp, but there is much more you can get out of this amplifier which makes it a great and innovative one! The two separated master volume knobs can be set to control the volume of the different channels, or you could also have both controlling a specific channel. A bass focus switch found at the back of the amplifier adds bass to the power section for those who seek for a tighter bass sound, ideal for drop tuning. A choice between  EL34 and 6L6 allows you to get different sound characteristics from the VX The Kraken. If you wish to, you can also reduce the power from 50 watts to as little as 2 watts RMS. Didn't we say it's versatile? 

Specs: VX The Kraken

Weight (in kg) 8.00
Watts 50
Ohm 8
Manufacturer Victory Amps
Series Compact
Type Head
Made In UK
Famous Users Rabea Massaad
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 342 x 185 x 185
Circuit Tube


Playing It
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