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Tone City

Tone City is was founded in 2014 and quickly became an upcoming name in the budget pedal effect section. With good sound, mini housing and consistent building quality it is no wonder really. J. Wong established Tone City after not being able to afford buying all the pedal effects he wanted for his board. Realising this is a problem for more musicians out there, Tone City was created with the goal of keeping things simple, affordable and good sounding.
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Tone City Bad Horse Overdrive
Tone City Bad Horse Overdrive.png

Light weight overdrive. The Tone City Bad Horse is a light to mid gain analog overdrive which is nice on its own but really shines in combination with an already overdriven amplifier. That is why the Gain knob is designed to really open up north of 12 O'Clock. The pedal is based on the infamous Klon Centaur pedal and while it does not sound like a Klon, it is by itself a sweet mini pedal effect at a killer price. We like how it behaves with single coils the most, but thanks to a pretty wide eq range, the Tone City Bad Horse works with pretty much any pickup type. As with all Tone City mini pedals, the Bad Horse does not take batteries.

Tone City Summer Orange Phaser

Small and portable sweet little Phaser. The Tone City Summer Orange delivers warm and authentic phaser tones which fit a variety of playing styles. It is a dead simple pedal effect, Feedback, Rate and Depth knobs controls will get you what you need and it's mini casing will fit to the smallest of boards. Remember that like all Tone City mini pedals, the Orange Summer does not take batteries. Tone City says that it is based on an infamous Orange Phased pedal, we believe it is no other than the MXR Phase 90.

Tone City Tape Machine Delay
613_Tone-City-Tape-Machine.jpg Tone City Tape Machine Delay.png

Part analog, part digital, all mini. The Tone City Tape Machine Delay is s Hybrid, mini delay pedal. While the dry signal is analog, the delay part is managed by a digital circuit. This allows Tone City to keep your base tone authentic yet offer the vast delay options that only digital circuits can offer. The Tape Machine Delay has a simple 3 knob layout, it offers up to 600ms delay time and all in all a quite versatile pedal. A Stereo output would have been a great addition but hey, for such a killer price we have no complaints.

Tone City Golden Plexi Overdrive

British rock in a mini housing. If you like old school British rock guitar tone, you ought to check the Tone City Golden Plexi out. This analog, mini pedal has a simple layout that delivers overdriven to distorted sound. It has a good crunch and works well with blues and rock, we like the fact it is sensitive to single note playing. It is great for those who need a mini pedal and power their board using power supply, since the Golden Plexi does not take batteries. Bear in mind that the Volume and Tone controls are small, so if you are the kind of guitarist that fiddles around with controls on pedals all the time, you might wanna look for pedals with bigger knobs. Price wise the Tone City Golden Plexi is priced really well and that of course should make you happy. Get interactive with it on the TonePedia player to be even happier!

Tone City Kaffir Lime
Tone City Kaffir Lime.png

Your favourite green type pedal overdrive with a twist of lime. Tone City, known for their affordable yet quality pedals have (as many others) their own take on the famous green overdrive yet instead of copying the original exactly as many others have Tone City jumped in with both feet and are offering up their own unique take on a classic. The first thing which stands out is the size of the tone city pedals, the small stature is great not only for space-saving but weight-saving too as most of us know music gear including pedalboards can get heavy so this is a great bonus. Sonically the Kaffir Lime offers a tad more extra gain which is nice to have but where the Kaffir Lime really comes into its own is 2 band EQ. Most pedals of this type have a single tone control, whereas the Kaffir Lime splits this into a Low and a High control respectively. Add to this the main Volume knob doubling as the LED indicator and we have a stunning little pedal.

Tone City Angel Wing Chorus
Tone City Angel Wing Chorus.png

Small and neat chorus pedal for the mini board. Chorus pedals are fun! The Tone City Angel Wing is a great little analog pedal that offers nice range of chorus sounds in a mini housing that fits every board out there. Though mini, the Angel Wing offers the much needed Rate, Level and Depth controls so you are not limited in chorus variations. We liked the subtle modulation it offers which colors the sound nicely, but it can go wild too. If you consider getting the Tone City Angel Wing please remember it dos not run with batteries and does not offer stereo out.

Tone City Wild Fire Distortion
Tone City Wild Fire Distortion.png

An aggressive little pedal. Built for high gain, the Tone City Wild Fire is an aggressive little distortion that sounds much bigger than it actually is. While it cannot go really clean, the Wild Fire can function as a mid gain pedal too. Try setting the Gain knob to 9 O'Clock, leaving the Clip switch set to OFF to see how it sounds. Speaking about the Clip switch, setting it to ON will turn the Wild Fire to a punchier, American high gain kind of a distortion. As with all Tone City pedals, the Wild Fire does not take batteries.

Tone City Tiny Spring Reverb
Tone City Tiny Spring Reverb.png

As the name suggests, it is a tiny reverb pedal. The Tone City Tiny Spring Reverb is a mini pedal that offers a realistic spring reverb tone. The layout on this pedal is super simple, one controls that adjusts the level and depth. that is it. The Tin Spring Reverb has a great response and its reverb tone goes from subtle to a long one, and can be used for almost any playing style out there. Having a mini spring reverb pedal makes so much sense!

Tone City Fuxx Fuzz

Pretty versatile, pretty small. The Tone City Fuxx Fuzz is what one may call an all around fuzz pedal. It can really go wild or be tamed thanks to a wide range of gain possibilities, responsive tone control and two very different fuzz modes. Our recommendation is to start with Gain and Tone at noon, normal mode set to on. You will get an organic, slightly "clean" fuzz that works well with most guitars and styles. The Crazy mode will take you to vintage territory, with more treble and octave style tone. The Tone City Fuxx Fuzz is a great little fuzz for the mini board, priced really well and fun to use.