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TC Electronic

TC Electronic is a Danish audio equipment manufacturer founded by two musician brothers, Kim and John Rishøj. They started out producing guitar pedals, which were noted for their quality and technical advancement. The TC2290 delay was their first attempt at a19” rack mounted processor in 1985 and far surpassed any other unit at the time in terms of sound quality, delay time and modulation features, leading to it’s place as a studio, live and pro guitarist standard for decades to come.

This strong footing led to expansion covering the whole spectrum of audio equipment and placed them as one of the leading brands and developers in audio processing with unprecedented variety and technology to boast. Their products include the audio mastering system, System 6000, audio mastering tool the Finalizer, guitar pedals, guitar pedals and more guitar pedals, guitar tuners, of which they pioneered the much lauded polyphonic poly-tuners, acoustic processors, compact pedals and TonePrint pedals (digital TonePrints of famous guitar players), bass amps, PowerCore hardware and software, studio equipment, multi-effects processor FireworkX, software and PA, Installation and broadcasting products. Sister brand TC-Helicon is the leading brand in harmonisers and vocal processors today. They’ve got it covered.

From recording moguls to folk musicians, TC Electronics’ appeal is vast. Anthrax, Depeche Mode, Queens of the Stone Age, George Michael, Imogen Heap, Kraftwerk, Mike Patton, Skrillex, Kimbra, Snow Patrol are just a few names to endorse their product’s in their recorded and live work.
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TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb

The small yet big reverb by TC Electronic. TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Mini is small but sounds very big! It’s one of the best Bonsai-Edition reverbs TC ever made. This pedal effect provides almost boundless sonic possibilities. The TonePrint editor helps to individualize your reverb sound. Thanks to the analog dry through you also get an unconverted sound with much transparency and very low latency.

TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz
Honey Pot (Fuzz).png

A Wall of fuzz. But not only. The TC electronic Honey Pot Fuzz is the heavy brother of their Rusty Fuzz pedal. While both are vintage flavoured, they are nothing alike. The Honey Pot is a heavy gain fuzz pedal with a respectful amount of sustain and thick sound texture. That being said, it is in fact a quite dynamic pedal effect, turn the Sustain knob on the TonePedia player counterclockwise and you will see what we are talking about. It is simple to operate and consists three knobs in total, all are pretty straight forward. Get ready to melt some faces (vintage style) with the TC electronic Honey Pot Fuzz.

TC Electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive
TC Electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive.png

Flying solo. First impression of the TC electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive - wow. It is awesome sounding, in our opinion of course. You have your own ears so test it interactively on the TonePedia player and make your own mind. At a killer price of approx 50$, this 12AX7 tube driven overdrive is a steal. It is so easy to get a warm sound from this pedal, it is great for solo or rhythm and delivers fantastic vintage style tone. We see it as a great option for blues and classic rock players who seek for a dynamic and inexpensive tube pedal. Please take into account that the TC electronic Tube Pilot Overdrive does not take batteries.

TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb
Drip (Reverb).png

A Reverb that takes you back in time! TC Electronic created with the Drip Spring Reverb a stunningly realistic emulation that perfectly captures the essence of the reverb sounds from the 50s and 60s. This pedal is probably the closest you're gonna get to e.g. a "surfy" reverb sound at such a ridiculously low price. The three-knob concept makes the handling very easy, it is a fun pedal to play around with. The TC Electronic Drip Spring Reverb comes in a sturdy metal box and offers a True bypass. 

TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary
TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary.png

A rotary emulation that sounds like the original! The TC Electronic Vibraclone Rotary pedal effect offers the same dynamic sound of the classic rotating loudspeakers from the 1960's that Hendrix, Trower, Harrison and Gilmore used for their legenadry tones. You have two modes, Chorale and Tremolo and two turning knobs, one for Speed and one for Drive to create the rotary sound you are looking for. The TC Electronic Vibraclone emulates the Rotary speaker quite nicely, there were moments where we could almost feel the rotating loudspeakers moving in the cab. With its compact size and sweet price, we really recommend anyone who is on the lookout for a Rotary pedal to check it out.

TC Electronic Nether
TC Electronic Nether.png

Up to 2 Octaves down! The TC Electronic Nether Octaver is an all-analog, true bypass pedal effect that can deliver 1 or 2 octaves below the original signal. It brings a warm, transparent and a voluminous bottom end sound that fattens your tone and works great when coupled with high gain! You have the choice of either using only one or both octaves mixed, while having the ability to control the volume of octave 1 and 2 separately. The TC Electronic Nether is darn easy to use and priced so well it is insane not to give it a try.

TC Electronic Dark Matter
Dark Matter.png

What's The Matter? TC have become more and more well known for creating interesting and ground breaking digital pedals. The Mash function on some of their pedals for instance is utterly amazing giving the user the power of an expression pedal from the standard bypass switch!However what TC are less well known for are their analog drives, which is a shame! TC have some great sounding drives which are often heralded by users as their "favourite" pedals. At this point its worth noting that the Tone Meister Paul Gilbert himself even used TC drives for a long while!The Dark Matter is their punch in the teeth pedal, designed to take on giants such as BOSS's MT-2 metalzone and guess what ... its pretty damn good.Featuring a tonne of gain on tap and powerful EQ section plus two EQ voicings its safe to say that this pedal can serve your high gain requirements (And its built like a tank) 

TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz
TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz.png

Rusty silicon fuzz that takes you back in time! As more and more fat sounding fuzz pedals appear in the market, it is nice to go back in time and enjoy some silicon-based velcro like fuzz sound. The TC electronic Rusty Fuzz does exactly that and in such a low price point that getting it is really a no-brainer. With the fuzz knob set low, the Rusty Fuzz will slightly "rust" your sound, giving it that broken vintage tone. The more you increase the fuzz level the more sustain and body you will get. If you are unsure what type of fuzz you need, we recommend A/B testing on TonePedia the Rusty Fuzz next to the TC electronic Honey Pot Fuzz as they are both different and great.

TC Electronic Gauss Tape Echo
Gauss (Delay).png

The legendary tape echo sound at your fingertips! The TC Electronic Gauss Tape Echo brings back the legendary tape echo sound in a pedalboard-friendly size and for a shockingly low price. This pedal reproduces pretty accurately the saturated tone of a tape echo machine. The 3-knob interface lets you control delay time, sustain and volume, so it's very easy to work with. Before investing a lot of money into a vintage tape echo give the Gauss a try, heck, give it a try now using our player.

TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay
TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay.png

Mini chassis, big delay! The TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay belongs to the TonePrint Series model and allows you to customize your pedal with various delay types and signature sounds. From a traditional tape echo or the legendary 2290, to a clean and fresh delay used by legendary guitarists such as Steve Morse, Doug Aldrich and many more... Just load the according TonePrint into your pedal, that's it! It has never been that easy! If unique sound is what you are after, use the TonePrint Editor to create your own delay pedal sounds. All of this in a pedal that takes so little space on your board...

TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb
TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb.png

Skysurfing! The TC Electronic Skysurfer offers three lush reverbs in one box at an extremely affordable price. Reverb pedals are now a staple on pedalboards, allowing players to define their own reverb tone and switch it in where needed. The mix control lets players dial in where the reverb effect sits in the mix, behind adding depth and supporting the musical or in front in a similar way to modulation pedals leading the tone. As such an integral effect in today's music, having a versatile pedal really comes in handy. TC Electronic took the time with the Skysurfer and made sure that the most used reverb types were included in the pedal. Give it a go on our player and explore the possibilities interactively.

TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger

Thunderstorm Flanger, the name explains it already! The TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger is a fully analog bucket-brigade based flanger pedal effect. It perfectly captures the classic vintage tones from the legendary days at an affordable price. From the guitar sounds that made the ´80s and all the way back to the classic ´60s psychedelic riffs, or just for creating experimental tones - The TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger is a lot of fun! Go twist the four knobs of the Thunderstorm on the TonePedia player and hear what you can get out of it.

TC Electronic Sub 'n' up Mini Octaver
TC Electronic Sub 'n' up Mini Octaver.png

The Pocket-Sized Octaver! The TC Electronic Sub 'n' up Mini Octaver is the compact version of the popular original Sub 'n' up Mini Octaver. This pedal effect uses a Polyphonic Octave Engine and the popular TonePrint-Enabled Technology for creating Easy Custom Effects. The Sub 'n' up Mini Octaver is suitable for both electric and bass guitar offering a wide range of different Octaver sounds that you can easily beam into the device.

TC Electronic Tailspin Vibrato
TC Electronic Tailspin Vibrato.png

Simple and effective Vibrato! The TC Electronic Tailspin Vibrato is a pretty natural sounding classic true pitch vibrato pedal effect. It is extremely affordable too. The Tailspin has a classic ‘80s inspired vibrato circuit and is built with the all-analog bucket-brigade design in order to bring a nice and warm tone to your signal. We liked its vintage-style sound. For someone who uses a vibrato pedal all the time it may be a too simple pedal, but for those who need a vibrato on their board for the occasional use we strongly suggest checking the TC Electronic Tailspin Vibrato out.

TC Electronic Hypergravity Mini Compressor
TC Electronic Hypergravity Mini Compressor.png

The swiss army knife of guitar compressors! The TC Electronic Hypergravity Mini Compressor offers the advanced MD3 multiband compression and a sweet vintage compressor mode that fits in you pocket. Thanks to the TonePrint functionality it is very easy getting warm vintage compression sounds added to your signal. Just beam the right signature tone with the free TonePrint App on the pedal and you are ready to enjoy the compression you wish to have.

TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay
TC Electronic Echobrain Analog Delay.png

TC's very first analog delay, affordable for anyone! TC Electronic Echobrain is a pure analog pedal effect that delivers up to 300 ms of bucket-brigade delay time. Being famous for extraordinary digital delays, we were intrigued finding out what TC Electronic can deliver in the analog delay section. The Echobrain is a fantastic and affordable delay which delivers a warm delay tone for solos, light rhythm repetitions and also crazy space UFO sounds. It does it all pretty sweet and again, it is priced so well you ought to give it a try.

TC Electronic Vortex Mini Flanger
TC Electronic Vortex Mini Flanger.png

The Vortex sound in a mini box plus the TonePrint Feature! The TC Electronic Vortex Mini Flanger is a true recreation of the original stereo chorus flanger pedal. Thanks to the TonePrint technology there are endless amounts of delay sounds that you can create with this tiny pedal effect. The TonePrint App lets you download sounds from famous guitarists or simply become your own pedal effect engineer by customizing your own flanger sound using the TonePrint software. As you might know, flanger pedals often have more than 3 controls. We like the fact that TC Electronic kept the UI of the Vortex simple and intuitive. Unless you are huge a flanger junkie, the Vortex will get you pretty much sorted out.

TC Electronic Choka Tremolo
TC Electronic Choka Tremolo.png

An analog, vintage style tremolo pedal! TC Electronic Choka Tremolo is an all-analog tremolo pedal. It is a true bypass, easy to use three knob pedal which fits great to most rigs. The Choka Tremolo offers you all the classic tremolo sounds you have always dreamed of. Thanks to the seamless morphing between soft and hard LFO styles and the speed and depth controls this pedal offers a wide range of tone shaping options. To sum it up, the TC Electronic Choka Tremolo pedal is compact, versatile and priced extremely reasonably.

TC Electronic June-60
TC Electronic June-60.png

Yes, it is a 2-Button awesomeness! At first look you might say 'What? only two buttons?'. Well, when something is good it does not need more than the necessary. The TC Electronic June-60 is a great reproduction of the legendary chorus circuit found in Roland Juno-60 synths. This chorus sound is so iconic you can hear it, probably without knowing it is it, in so many hits from the '80s. The June-60 can run stereo or mono, equipped with a true bypass switch and built with style yet still durable enough for the stage. Use the I and II buttons to select the chorus speed that fits best to what you play, or combine both. That is it, you are all set. The TC Electronic June-60 is as simple as that!

TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato
TC Electronic Shaker Mini Vibrato.png

Small pedal with a lot of vibe. Shaker Vibrato has been the sleeper hit of the TonePrint series. Guitarists loved adding the life and vibe of both subtle and pronounced vibrato effects - and rightly so! From classic Leslie-type tones and cool Mellotron vibes through the fragile 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds'-type sounds or a modern 'bottom of the ocean' swirl, Shaker Vibrato delivers. Now you can have all that made the original Shaker great in a pedal so small, and so awesome sounding, there's no excuse to not add it to your board!

TC Electronic El Mocambo Overdrive
TC Electronic El Mocambo Overdrive.png

The mid-range booster. TC electronics' El Mocambo Overdrive is designed to mid-boost your tone for a similar sound of a pushed tube amp. Use the Tone, Level and Drive controls to shape your sound to be just as you like it and play away. The overall sound of the El Mocambo can be described as bluesy and dirty but we are sure this pedal will be useful for many other playing styles as well. We particularly liked the TC electronic El Mocambo Overdrive on single coils, it really brings that elusive mid range out.

TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive
TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive.png

To tube or not to tube. The TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive is an all analog gain pedal for rockers that need a tube style overdrive without the hurdle of actually using tubes. From the entire smorgasbord range, the Cinders Overdrive is the most transparent and responsive gain pedal. To see how it compares to a real tube pedal, A/B test the Cinders Overdrive Tube Pilot on our player.

TC Electronic The Prophet Digital Delay
TC Electronic The Prophet Digital Delay.png

A beast of a delay in studio quality! TC Electronic's The Prophet Digital Delay delivers more for its price than one could expect. The main thing that caught our attention was the 3-way switch offering three different rhythm modes: 1/16, 1/8 and 3/8. The 1/16 setting gets you into some very useful slap back echo sounds while the 3/8 mode gives you a wide dotted delay time range to create atmospheric sounds, think David Gilmore or the Edge. The Repeat knob allows you to adjust your signal feedback up to actually an infinite repeat. Use the Time knob to control the delay time. The Mix knob adjusts how much of the effect is mixed with the dry signal.

TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser
TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser.png

Based on TC's first phaser pedal... The TC Electronic Blood Moon Phaser pedal effect is an all-analog 4 stage phaser that picks up on the legacy of a one of the first pedals the company ever released more than 40 years ago. The Blood Moon is a very versatile and affordable phaser pedal with savage and "warbly" sound, yet extremely easy to use, with the 3-knob concept behind it. It might be surprising to you, but most of the legendary and iconic 1970's tracks had been recorded with a phaser pedal. With the Blood Moon Phaser TC Electronic brings back that vintage feel to your tone.

TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus
TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus.png

Compact with no compromises! The TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus is the compact version of the Corona Chorus, equipped with the TonePrint technology and the TC Chorus algorithm. There are 35 years of TC's chorus experience built into this incredibly small pedal. Amongst a big variety of tones, the Corona Mini Chorus also features sounds from the original 1976 TC Electronic Stereo Chorus Flanger which was used by legendary musicians such as Eric Johnson, Alex Lifeson and John Petrucci. Thanks to the TonePrint feature, you can dial into the TC Electronic Corona Mini Chorus chosen artists' presets as well as creating your own custom chorus sounds!

TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus
TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus.png

Rock 'n' Roll history in a box! The TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus pedal effect brings a wide range of classic modulation sounds into your setup. It is made of the legendary all-analog Bucket-Brigade circuit and consists only three knobs (Rate, Depth and Mix) with which one can create the vintage style chorus and rotary sounds. It is great for that '60s and '70s jangle pop and grunge, or to sit on your '80s cover band board. Thanks to its rugged and compact metal chassis the TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus is not only pedalboard-friendly but also roadworthy.