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Tate FX Raise The Dead - Germanium

Tate FX Raise The Dead - Germanium

Like a zombie but old and Russian

The original Raise the Dead hit the pedalboard world around 2017 and no one is overly sure why it was so popular. 

In a world where every new pedal tries to squeeze as many controls onto every mm of space, a pedal with a single knob it could be seen as a breath of fresh air. It could be the zombie theme as zombies were still in vogue at that point. Whatever the reason for the initial impact being so strong, what has maintained its presence is the sound and ingenuity. 

Here's why: STATEMENT :- Fuzz face type circuits sound their best when turned up full! Most things musical are subjective but this is not. However a lot of people do not attempt this SO Tate FX did it for them. 

The gain of the RTD is set to max and you dial in the required volume, as the volume increases you therefore push your amp harder causing amp clipping too. Internally a transformer deals with any external buffer interference making the RTD a pedalboard friendly fuzz, and Yes that includes the new GERMANIUM model we have here.

Stu Tate sourced some NOS (new old stock) Russian germanium transistors and created one for himself for fun, of course once making it public people started requesting them by the (Zombie) horde. These will only be available while Stuart can still source the right transistors, he has a good stock now but get yours before the flesh rots.  

Specs: Raise The Dead - Germanium

Weight (in g) 0.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Analog
Main FX Fuzz
Manufacturer Tate FX
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 66 x 121 x 35
Made In UK