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Strandberg Boden Original 7

Strandberg Boden Original 7

The Original Extended Range, Yet still Familiar 

As the name suggests The Original 7 was the first of the Boden series, like its 6 string brother in many ways yet featuring that extra low string to cover more ground. 7 strings are popular in many circles including metal which is where many people expect to see them but also in Jazz and blues circles around the world. The extended range gives access to some very interesting chord shapes and scale patterns.

Unique in its design and features the woods and pick up selection wouldn't normally be seen on classic guitars. Humbuckers and a maple top would fall at home on a gibson or PRS where as the swamp ash body and maple neck are most commonly found in the land of Fenders yet it all works so well together. 

The Strandberg* Boden 7 string range are very likely unlike anything you've played before, yet somehow Strandberg have improved on what's familiar in almost every way and managed to keep an extended range guitar feeling natural even for guitarists used to 6 strings. 

By honing the way the guitars resonate, the weight has been reduced without sacrificing an ounce of tone.

With careful consideration of how we play differently at various parts of the fretboard the specialised neck carve adapts our hands to more easily reach those harder to reach notes effortlessly both low down and high up the neck.

Then the frets which are fan fretted. This isn't done so for appearance, the subtle fanning gives greater accuracy to intonation without making notes strange to play. 

Not many get it so right the first time, an excellent first! 

Specs: Boden Original 7

Number of Frets 24
String Number 7
Specific Wood Neck Roasted Maple
Specific Wood Fretboard Roasted Birdseye Maple
Scale Length (inch) 26.25
Body Shape Double Cut
Body Type Solid Body
Specific Wood Body Swamp Ash
Specific Wood Top 4A Flame Maple
Specific Colour Black
Manufacturer Strandberg
Series Boden
Made In Indonesia
Pickup Configuration H-H
Pickup Brand Fishman
Neck Pickup Model Fluence Modern Alnico, Black Plastic
Bridge Pickup Model Fluence Modern Ceramic, Black Plastic


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