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Strandberg Boden Metal 6

Strandberg Boden Metal 6

New and Yet Familiar with a taste for blood

The Strandberg* Boden range is very likely unlike anything you've played before, yet somehow Strandberg have improved on what we're familiar with in almost every way. 

By honing the way the guitars resonate the weight is reduced without sacrificing an ounce of tone.
With careful consideration of how we play differently at various parts of the fretboard the specialised neck carve adapts our hands to more easily reach those harder to reach notes effortlessly. 

Then the frets which are fan fretted aren't done so for appearance, this is a subtle fanning giving greater intonations without making notes strange to play. 

The METAL version of the Boden range is all the metal guitar a person could ever need. The woods and pick ups are selected to give unrivaled clarity, punch with the ability to clean up nicely providing the type of clean tones required by metal players across the globe.

The power of this guitar will effortlessly push an amp to drive in just the right way for the sweetest lead tones all with the ability to get to those notes faster and smoother than ever before. 

Specs: Boden Metal 6

Number of Frets 24
String Number 6
Specific Wood Neck Roasted Maple
Specific Wood Fretboard Ebony
Scale Length (inch) 25.5
Body Shape Boden
Specific Wood Top Quarter-inch Solid Maple
Specific Colour White Pearl
Manufacturer Strandberg
Series Boden
Made In Indonesia
Pickup Configuration HH
Pickup Brand Fishman Fluence
Neck Pickup Model Fishman Fluence Modern Alnico
Bridge Pickup Model Fishman Fluence Modern Ceramic


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