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Roland JC-40

Roland JC-40

Lets go stereo.

The Roland JC-40 is based on the renowned Jazz Chorus JC-120 amplifier released in 1975. As a more compact version, the JC-40 still offers that stereo clean sound the Jazz Chorus series is famous for, yet easier to carry to shows and rehearsal rooms. Whenever you are using a stereo pedal effect, use the stereo input on the JC-40 and enjoy a true stereo effect which will take your sound to a whole new level. And if you do not have pedal effects around, the JC-40 has got you covered with on board effects. The Roland JC-40 is not a tube amplifier, so no need for you to stack up spare tubes in your show rig. It is a clean, punchy and easy to handle amplifier which serves as a canvas to your tone. We found it most appealing when used with modulation effects, the top end the Roland JC-40 has really adds that elusive chime.

Specs: JC-40

Weight (in kg) 16.00
Watts 40
Ohm 0
Manufacturer Roland
Type Combo
FX Chorus, Reverb, Distortion, Vibrato
Made In Taiwan
Based on famous model? JC-120
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 592 x 251 x 436
Circuit Digital
Speaker Configuration 2 x 10