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Roland Blues Cube Artist

Roland Blues Cube Artist

Vintage sound, modern technology.

We must admit, when Roland told us they want TonePedia to demo their pedals with the Blues Cube Artist as the vintage "tube" alternative we were skeptic. Once we set the Blues Cube in the room, mic'd it and hit the record button we were simply astonished. This amplifier does sound, act, feel like a tube amplifier! It sounds amazing.

The magic in the Blues Cube Artist is called "Tube Logic". With it, Roland replicates every stage of the much beloved tweed-era tube amplifiers. Thanks to two completely independent channels, you can switch between clean and crunch channels, with each set to your tone. And if needed, you can even set the output to your linking, from stadium worthy 80 watts to bedroom friendly 0.5 watts.

Specs: Blues Cube Artist

Weight (in kg) 16.00
Watts 80
Ohm 0
Manufacturer Roland
Type Combo
FX Reverb, Tremolo
Made In Taiwan
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 592 x 260 x 485
Circuit Hybrid
Speaker Brand Roland
Speaker Model V-12
Speaker Configuration 1 x 12


Playing It
Tutorial Video