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Reveho Slite

Mary Poppins Guitar Fold-able guitars are nothing new. Since the first hippy decided to wander shoe-less into the desert with nothing but a guitar and a carrot the wish to pack up our trusted and loved musical wonders for travelling more conveniently has existed. I'm sure the desire goes back even further than this but it paints a lovely picture. The thing is most fold-able guitars are short scale and many are acoustics and even then what about the rest of the rig right!? Well our friends over at Reveho have decided the time has come to solve this dilemma, introducing the Slite. When all packed away you have nothing more than a case which looks much like it would hide a laptop inside. Upon opening and assembling the Slite (which Reveho claims takes 20 seconds) we have ourselves a full electric guitar which can run into a traditional rig OR can utilise the inbuilt Effects, Amp and Speaker as featured on tonepedia.The maple neck is very tasteful and the body falls in somewhere between a 335 and a les paul size wise. The offset single cut shape screams with style and all the versatility is at you're finger tips. The Slite on Tonepedia Features single coils in a humberbucker sized cover but you can also order the Slite with humbuckers or a mixture of both. Everyone at the Tonepedia HQ initially wanted one of these upon the reveal as they're so useful. Try it out and let us know what you think.