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red sun fx

Using high quality ethically sourced components from Europe, Red Sun FX approaches pedal building from a different perspective. 

Professional video & projection engineer Nico started tinkering with existing and new designs over a decade ago then in 2013 decided to start Red Sun FX.

Heading up running everything by himself Nico custom builds each and every pedal by hand.

The basis of Red Sun FX is to create the best sounding vintage based effects possible whilst supporting local industry.

The resulting high fidelity effects are harmonically rich with a build quality learnt working with high end video & projection technologies.

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red sun fx White Fuzz
red sun fx White Fuzz.png

It is a clean fuzz. yes! When we guitar players think FUZZ, most times we picture a roaring guitar tone which breaks and goes wild. But fuzz pedals did not start this way. In fact, the first officially released fuzz pedal, the Maestro Fuzz Tone FZ-1 was a lightweight fuzz pedal and with this spirit the Red Sun FX White Fuzz was designed. We love how this pedal cleans! On low gain the White Fuzz can be even considered as a fuzz boost. On high gain the fuzz is healthy, organic and beautiful. The circuit is somewhat based on the Dallas Arbiter Silicon Fuzz Face and contains indeed silicon transistors. Thanks to the wide array of gain and tone ranges, we find the Red Sun FX White Fuzz to be a quite versatile vintage style fuzz pedal.

red sun fx Grantler
red sun fx Grantler.png

A drunk Bavarian Buzzwords and phases are thrown around the pedal industry more than ever before and Power Amp Distortion sure fits into that category. The Grantler by Red Sun FX is just that, but what does that mean? Put simply, normally amp overdrive comes from the pre-amp with much smaller Valves/Tubes and much easier to create driven sounds with. The power amp section of an amp turns up the volume so we can all hear it. HOWEVER It is possible to push the massive power-amp Valves/Tubes so hard that they will clip (create overdriven tones). The result is a monstrous deep throaty roar normally unobtainable by any other means. Except ...That’s exactly what Red Sun fx have created here. The name Grantler means a loud pub drunk in Bavarian which is perfectly fitting. The unique design incorporates a 1w power amp to cleverly replicate the tone and you decide how much beer to feed the monster. If you’re looking for a driven tone thats different and still versatile then your looking in the right place here!

red sun fx Mammut Muff
red sun fx Mammut Muff.png

A german take on the Green Russian. The Green Russian Big Muff is such a legendary effect pedal. As such, it is the basis for other companies' creations and the Red Sun FX Mammut Muff is one to point out. Red Sun FX added some sweet features to make this pedal versatile for a large variety of music styles and instruments too. For example, the BLEND knob which makes this pedal also suitable for bass guitars, or the MID and PRE-GAIN internal knobs plus the different DIP switches with which you can tweak your tone to a desired sweet spot. Worth mentioning that this pedal was demoed by TonePedia using the default manufacturer setting of all internal controls and switches. Try comparing the Red Sun FX Mammut Muff to the new version of the Green Russian by Electro-Harmonix to see how Red Sun FX took their take on this legendary effect pedal.

red sun fx Pictureboost
red sun fx Pictureboost.png

Buffer boost. The Red Sun FX Pictureboost may seem like a simple one knob boost, but in fact it has internal DIP switch that turns it from a boost to a buffer. It is a transparent, MOSFET based boost, that will give you anywhere from 3db to 35db boost. The boost knob is designed to require a bit more effort than usual when to turn, that is to prevent accidental movement of it during live performances. The Red Sun FX Pictureboost is made by hand in Germany.