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Paul Reed Smith built his first guitar as a challenge to his professor in return for some points. He got an "A" and decided to go for it, he became a guitar maker. The next 10 years went by with building guitars and testing them on stage, collecting feedback from players and colleagues and experiments in wood constructions, tremolo designs and more. Paul searched for "the right mix", as he says. Once ready, he built two prototypes to present to dealers across the USA, once he had enough orders he came back home and opened the PRS company.

Many days, months and years passed since then, but the quality remains. PRS is renowned for growing without lowering its standard, In fact, it is one of those companies that love tradition and question it at the same time. PRS constantly re-evaluate technics, components, tools, materials and the approach towards guitar building. Their goal today stayed exactly as it was on the first day; to build extraordinary guitars, guitars with magic.

Many are not aware, but Paul Reed Smith is a musician. His strive for good tone comes not only from his wish to excel in his doings, but because he is a consumer of it just like everyone else. Like Paul, also many of the PRS employees are musicians playing on stages regularly.

Whenever a description is written a look into the past is being made. In PRS's case, we wish we could have a glimpse into the future.
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PRS SE Santana

An affordable Santana Signature! The PRS SE Santana is the affordable version of the PRS Santana Signature electric guitar. While the PRS Santana is built from high quality woods and components made in the USA the SE version is built in Korea and therefore much cheaper. That though does not mean it is cheap in any way! The guitar uses the PSR in-house designed tremolo, tuners and the SE Santana humbuckers which deliver clean, warm and crisp sound.

PRS SE Standard 22

The SE version of the first PRS guitars! The PRS Standard 22 is an electric guitar which is based on the first PRS guitars built in 1985 by Paul Reed Smith. This made in Korea SE Standard 22 Version has a solid body, 3-way toggle switch and two humbuckers, just like the original which made PRS so famous. Its Mahogany body and glued Mahogany neck gives the Paul Reed Smith SE Standard 22 a fantastic sustain with goes well with its warm tone and clear mid-range. It is a great budget guitar that suits a wide variety of musical styles.

PRS Santana Retro CC Gen III (BTM Demo)
Santana Retro CC Gen III (BTM Demo).png

PRS John Mayer Silver Sky (BTM Demo)
John Mayer Silver Sky (BTM Demo).png

PRS SE 245

Classic sound for an affordable price! The PRS SE 245 is a shorter scale (24.5") single cut guitar with two PRS 245 Humbucker pickups (S treble and bass), located at the bridge and neck of the guitar. This guitar is made in Korea and is therefore more affordable than its US equivalent. Both sound wise and look wise, it is what you'd expect to get from a PRS guitar, it has a good sustain, precise tone and a great finish. The PRS SE 245 electric guitar offers a wide neck, a dual volume and dual tone controls for a classic sound. The PRS SE 245 is great for anyone who seek for a versatile, high quality guitar below 1000$.