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NUX Horseman

NUX Horseman

There Was Once A Pedal Which Swallowed A Horse 

In the grand scheme of things there are a LOT of pedals in the world and so many of them are clones of other pedals.
Most of these fail to improve upon the originals in any way other than a tonal variation which is likely more luck than judgment. 

One pedal which has seen its fair share of clones even had its own nickname for the copies ... of course we're talking about the Klon Centaur and subsequent "Klones".

However if there's one pedal in the world which needs "kloning" its the Klon, because these things cost a fortune. But Nux isn't the first and dare we say they'll not be the last to make a Klone and a great price so what makes this any different?? 
Firstly its extremely tiny which is amusing due to the Klon being HUGE. 
It has a switchable buffer and as pedal fanatics know, the Klons buffer is legendary. But what really stands out about this pedals is A) It sounds amazing and B) its two pedals in one!!! 

You see, everyone expected this to sound "not very good" but instead it sounds extremely close to the originals. By holding down the footswitch you swap from gold to silver mode which has slightly higher gain, what a fantastic way to go about something that others have never done.
This clearly goes to show how NUX are not some faceless company but instead these guys love pedals just as much as we do!

Specs: Horseman

Weight (in g) 272.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Analog
Main FX Overdrive
Manufacturer NUX
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 65 x 116 x 66
Made In China
Based on famous model? Klon


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