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Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100-watt Tube Head

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100-watt Tube Head

Already a rock legend. 

Hard to believe that the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier has been around for only a little more than 25 years. It seem to us it has been around forever. Along these years several models of the Dual Rectifier appeared, and Mesa is confident that the current version is better than ever. They improved the effects loop and added a tuner out, both are nice and important. But what really changes the game here is Mesa's patented Multi-Watt™ 50/100 watt channel selectable power. This feature allows you to select between having 2 power tubes, producing 50 watt of small block-power or 4 power tubes producing 100 watts of big-block horsepower and authority. Coupled with their patented Recto Tracking™ which auto-matches the correct Rectifier compliment for the number of power tubes in use, you are in rock heaven.

Specs: Dual Rectifier 100-watt Tube Head

Weight (in kg) 18.00
Watts 50
Ohm 4
Manufacturer Mesa Boogie
Series Rectifier
Type Head
Made In USA
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 648 x 251 x 51
Circuit Tube


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