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Maxon Flanger FL-303
Maxon Flanger.png

Maxon, Maxoff The name Maxon isn't entirely familiar to many pedal users today however they're responsible from the most popular pedal ever.You see back in the 70's Ibanez were a brand which would use its name to sell products other companies made, they indeed did not make guitars, pedals, amps ... anything really. Ibanez asked Maxon to produce some pedals which Maxon and Ibanez sold at the same time. One such pedal was the FL-303 which you can also find branded as an Ibanez FL-303 ... Exactly the same pedal! What's nice about this all analog flanger is how subtle it can be while still being quite obviously a flanging effect. The overall appearance of the pedal wasn't carried on through into pedals such as the TS-808 , TS-9 etc which is what helps its curvy slightly oversized appearance to come over as charming. A fan favourite flanger, this one is a lot of fun!