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Macmull Custom Guitars S-Classic

Macmull Custom Guitars S-Classic

The Macmull Custom Guitars S-Classic is a super lightweight guitar which delivers that elusive 50's style strat punchy sound in an authentic way! 

Vintage guitar lovers often cling to the past. You may agree, you may not, but there is something in old 50's and 60's Stratocaster and Telecaster guitar sound and feel that is unique and special. Macmull Custom Guitars are all about that – Getting that vintage tone in a newly made guitar!

To achieve their goal the Israeli company studied countless of vintage Fender guitars, experimented with woods, pickups, weight and specifications. The S-Classic maple neck is a great example of the company's excellent craftsmanship and authentic approach to guitar making. Macmull believes that lightweight wood sounds and reacts better, not to mention more player-friendly. That is why the company is very strict about the woods used on the S-Classic, each guitar has one piece, super-light Alder body which do not exceed 3,25 kg, Insane! Also on the necks Macmull went with the old school single action truss rods instead of the newer double action alternative which are more in use today. Why you ask? Because they found out that the body-neck resonance is better with the single action one. The electronics on the S-Classic include CTS pots of the highest grade, paper-in-oil caps and in-house Macmull hand wound pickups which are matched to each guitar. The result is a punchy, dry and very authentic 50's-60's stratocaster sound and feel.

The Madagascar fretboard on the S-Classic is 60 years old and fretted with Dunlop 6105 fret wire. Bending on this guitar comes easy and the intonation is perfect. Macmull shape their necks to oval C shape, which are not too beefy nor too thin, we found the playability of the Macmull Custom Guitars S-Classic to be excellent.

Specs: S-Classic

Number of Frets 21
String Number 6
Specific Wood Neck One piece premium Maple
Specific Wood Fretboard Maple
Scale Length (inch) 25.5
Body Shape Double Cut
Body Type Solid Body
Specific Wood Body One-piece lightweight Alder
Manufacturer Macmull Custom Guitars
Made In Israel
Pickup Configuration S-S-S
Pickup Brand Macmull Custom Guitars
Neck Pickup Model Macmull Custom SCIII-F
Middle Pickup Model Macmull Custom SCIII-F
Bridge Pickup Model Macmull Custom SCIII-F