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Lowden WL-50 AM/RW

Lowden WL-50 AM/RW

The Wee Lowden 50 is an incredibly loud and full sounding small guitar. 

The 50 Series is known as the Lowden Custom shop series where clients can mix and match woods as they like. It is a series where unique and breathtaking guitars are born. The WL-50 that came for demos featured Mahogany back & sides, Sinker Redwood top and is capable of producing a massive sound with a balanced tonality that can fill a room with ease. It is an extremely responsive guitar with wonderful highs and steady bass. The craftsmanship on the WL-50 is as always with Lowden, remarkable.

Specs: WL-50 AM/RW

String Number 6
Number of Frets 20
Manufacturer Lowden
Series 50
Made In Ireland
Specific Body Type WL
Specific Wood Body American Mahogany
Specific Wood Top Sinker Redwood
Specific Colour Natural
Specific Wood Neck Mahogany / Rosewood
Specific Wood Fretboard Ebony
Neck joint at 14th fret
Neck width (inch) 2.24
Wood Body Mahogany