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Lowden WL-50 AM/RW

The Wee Lowden 50 is an incredibly loud and full sounding small guitar.The 50 Series is known as the Lowden Custom shop

Lowden F-50 AB/RW
306_Lowden F-50.jpg

A Master grade guitar for the master player!Lowden's premium series is where ultimate guitars are born, the F-50 African

Lowden WL-35 CR/As

Exquisite Chechen Rosewood and Alpine Spruce make this WL-35 impossible to resist to.The depth and projection on the Low

Lowden S-25

The Lowden S-25 is considered by many as an excellent concert size guitar for the fingerstyle guitar player.The Ori

Lowden F-35 Bog Oak / Lutz

With only 30 pieces ever made, the Lowden limited edition winter 2017 collection guitars are both rare and inspiring.Imm

Lowden F-35c TB/As

The F-35c is a Lowden guitar for the one who wants it allThe Tasmanian Blackwood body and Alpine Spruce top on this Lowd

Lowden S-50 KO/RW

The S-50 Koa / Sinker Redwood is Lowden's custom shop at it's best The 50 Series is known as the Lowden Custom shop seri

Lowden S-35 MR/As

The Lowden S-35 Madagascar Rosewood / Alpine Spruce is a story of a superb wood combination meets the superb c

Lowden BAR-35 F/F

The sweet deep sound of the Lowden BAR-35 will spark your emotions!It is without a doubt a breath taking guitar. The dee