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Lag guitars began when Michel Lag, a talented musician and guitar enthusiast, inherited his grandfather’s leather workshop in Toulouse. Over a number of years, he developed the space and skills shared with a number of like-minded friends to set up as an official lutherie.

Like most speciality guitar brands, Lag’s beginnings trace their origins from a humble place of fresh enthusiasm and dedication to craftsmanship. Expanding in 1998 with a move to Bedarieux, where, for over a decade, they supplied a few thousand electric guitars to happy French guitarists supporting a local brand.

At the end of 2002 Gerard Garnier, founder of the Algam group, French leader in the manufacturing and distribution of musical instruments, took over to help the struggling company as it was about to close down. Garnier and Lag made complimentary business partners and Lag began to make a name for itself on the world market with their innovative modern designs combined with the finest traditional lutherie. Following a number of international awards and recognition in 2010, their Tramontane acoustic range would gain them footing as experts of craft in world markets.

In 2013 their legendary Roxanne Racing collection, described by Phil Campbell of Motorhead as one of the “best guitars in the world”, was launched and received with extremely high regard and a new Lag factory was opened. This success and growth lead to manufacturing moving to China and expansion of their range of guitars, maintaining their exceptional quality with an increase in affordability for their growing fan base.
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Simple and good. Lag guitars are usually a great bang for the buck. The Tramontane T70ACE is a great example of that. It is a simple guitar which is nicely made and is good for the beginner guitar player or someone on a budget. On the first chord you will notice how easy it is to play it. The neck is slim and fast, the small auditorium body fits nicely and also the sound is sweet. Do not expect any boomy bass from it though, it is more of a brilliant kind of guitar. The DirectLag pickup system is easy to handle and delivers the goods.


Exotic woods at a killer price! With it's wood combination of Mexican Snakewood and AA Solid Sitka Spruce the LAG Tramonatane T270D is delight to both look at and play on. It is uncommon to meet guitars with such woods at this price range which makes the T270D and the entire Tramontane 270 series quite special. We found the T270D to sound as nice as it looks. The bass it delivers is tight, the overall sound is open and we liked the attack.


The T300ACE by Lag is a great mid-level / the on-tour guitar player kind of guitar. The solid Sitka Spruce and flamed Ovangkol are a nice combination with great looks and the high gloss finish gives the T300ACE a neat look.Sound wise the Tramontane T300ACE delivers a solid, balanced tone when unplugged. When plugged, the Fishman Ink3 system kicks in and is a great add to this guitar. Though requires a second to get used to, the eq knobs are more comfortable than the top-hat kind of knobs and the system sounds overall good.The playability on it is as you can usually expect from Lag, slim neck shape, slim nut, much fun.


For Mahogany lovers seeking for a budget guitar. The French company LAG chose for the Tramontane T90D African Mahogany (also known as Khaya) back, sides and top. The result is a lighter sounding guitar with less lows and more mids and highs. The T90D does not have a lot of attack and is an overall smooth sounding guitar. The stain finish and wood patterns make the LAG T90D a beautiful guitar and alongside with it's playing comfortability and overall sound it is a pretty nice guitar which can be fantastic to beginners, but not only.


Add some chorus to your unplugged acoustic guitar... Wait, What? We would normally start an acoustic guitar description by describing how the LAG THV10’s are built under the supervision of Maurice Dupont and features a solid red cedar top with mahogany back and sides. We would also generally explain how the guitar sounds both bright yet has warmth. BUT despite this guitar sounding great this isn't what your here to read, if you've tried our demo you want to know ... where are those effects coming from!?This THV10 is the child of a beautiful collaboration between LAG and HyVibe, featuring a built in effects processor connected to two actuators underneath the bridge. This turns the guitars top into a speaker of sorts: We can create delays, octaves, chorus and even overdriven sounds all in real time without plugging into a pedal or an amp. To say this guitar seems like magic is almost to make light of the fascinating technology and innovation taking place here, this can be best shown via the use of the inbuilt LOOPER.That’s right let that sink in for one minute ... this acoustic guitar ... has a looper ... built in. All of these features can be controlled from the guitar but link it up to the phone app and even more options open up such as combining effects and adjusting effect parameters even further. LAG and Hyvibe are committed developing more effects for the HyVibe system which will be available via upgrading your app. This really is the gift that keeps on giving. If all of this was simply in an everyday guitar it would still be epic but the fact is the THV10 as a standalone instrument is superb to play with a pleasing tone for those times you wish to switch off the tech and play ‘la natural’.