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Founder of Kremona guitars, Dimitar Georgiev believed everyone should have the opportunity to play music on instruments of the highest quality. A belief that remains integral to the Kremona philosophy today. Beautifully made classical, steel string, flamenco and speciality line guitars that are built to last and priced to suit every budget.

Former gunsmith and soldier on the fronts of Europe during WWI, Georgiev found solace from the gruelling trials of war in music and playing his mandolin. The continuous repair he had to carry out on his beloved instrument led to creating designs of his own which resulted in an apprenticeship in the famous town of Markneukirchen, Germany.

Kremona was established when he returned to Bulgaria in 1924 to start his own workshop with the help of his two brothers, and later two German master craftsmen. The brand flourishes today with the same family spirit and attention to craft and customer satisfaction with which they set out. Ease of playability and superb sound, unlike any other of their kind, make Kremona the choice of many players at all levels still to this day.

Some famous models include the Soloist S65C, a classical acoustic guitar that represents the culmination of over 80 years of Kremona guitar crafting. It’s rosewood headstock overlay, gold tuners, and a beautiful natural finish; make it a highly popular choice for traditional nylon-string players. The warmth and complex sound of the Solea classical guitar has been described as ’astounding’ with its solid cocobolo back and sides, a solid cedar top and a Spanish cedar neck. Each of their guitars is crafted with cautiousness and careful scrutiny all because Georgiev's passion for the music has never been forgotten.
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Kremona M 20

Vibrations from top to bottom. The Kremona M-20 delivers vibrant trebles with lots of sustain, tight and open low end, and it's a one loud guitar.When playing it, thanks to the choice of wood and neck set, you feel the vibrations throughout the entire guitar, we love that.Although the sides are made of laminated wood, the guitar sounds very organic and massive. Top and back are solid and made using nice pieces of wood. Actually the guitar in general is nice looking, nothing too fancy but simply a beautifully made instrument with tasteful herringbone inlay around the edges, gold/rosewood tuners and light satin finish.

Kremona F 10

Easy on the pocket and ears. Laminated back and sides are what making the Kremona F-10 a more affordable guitar. But have no mistake here, it is a one good sounding instrument which is worth every penny invested into it.The solid spruce top and Indian rosewood body work well together, projecting a healthy, big sound. Along with the TUSQ nut and saddle you get a vibrant, loud guitar.It feels good in the hand, the 43mm nut helps sophisticated chords come easy and the light satin neck finish is really comfortable and smooth.Within it's price range, it is absolutely worth your consideration.