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KMA Audio Machines

KMA Audio Machines is a young pedal effects company from Berlin, Germany. All of KMA’s pedals are completely hand-made by Enrico Preuß who is a passionated engineer and musician. Enrico’s vision is to create high quality pedal effects which combines that vintage sound we love so much with a more modern design and functionality. The self made circuits by KMA Audio Machines and the special look of the pedals make them one of a kind.
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KMA Audio Machines Wurm
KMA Audio Machines Wurm.png

The KMA Audio Machines Wurm is a roaring beast, full of destructive in your face distortion. KMA called their 2017 released distortion Wurm after the mythological creature that is told to bring terror and fear upon the land. After hearing the pedal in action we see why....It is a mean beast, full of roar and power. The entire idea behind the Wurm to begin with was to create a more flexible version of the legendary BOSS HM-2 for that "chainsaw metal" invented by Swedish bands like Dismember and Entombed. As always, KMA took thought and consideration when designing the circuit, allowing the guitar player to get the maximum from the Wurm using a 4-band EQ in combination with internal switches for various modes. The TonePedia demos were made using the factory setting which is the HM-2 stock mode.

KMA Audio Machines Minos Germanium Fuzz
KMA Audio Machines Minos.png

A True Germanium fuzz with a lot of versatility. KMA Audio Machines' Minos is a germanium based fuzz pedal perfect for garage, blues and basically anything. The 3-way switch allows you to choose between different fuzz types and in combination with the input, anger and cut controls you are looking at a extremely versatile fuzz pedal! Essentially the 3-way switch is called "Bass switch" and is there to help you tweak the tone based on the amp/guitar you use as some can be more bass oriented than others. But we really felt that it is much more than that. For the ones who dig deeper the overall character of the fuzz can be changed with two internal trim-pots which set the bias of the second and third transistor.The KMA Minos is really a modern take on vintage, sought after pedals like the Tonebender MKII and Superfuzz. While it can sound old and vintage, it can also do much more.

KMA Audio Machines Astrospurt

Versatility meets Quality The Astrospurt Phaser is another outstanding effects pedal made in Germany. KMA's take on the classic four-stage JFET based Phaser takes this modulation not one but two steps further. The controls are simple and smart. The output level is controlled by the SIGNAL knob, the wet/dry blend is achieved via the MIX knob and the DEPTH controls the intensity of the phasing. The slightly bigger knob called SPURT controls the speed which is indicated by two LED's. And as if this wasn't enough they added the EMPH knob that can be enabled via a tiny switch on the left to add some crazy noise, more oscillation and sonic artifacts. And for the sound geeks there's still more to discover with some internal controls...It's all-analog, true-bypass and absolute high quality when it comes to parts, manufacture and sound. Besides, the price is more than reasonable!

KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear
Fuzzly Bear.png

This bear can roar! The Fuzzly Bear is KMA Audio Machines approach for a wide-range fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedal which is based on the Jodan Bosstone. It got more Bass, more Bite and the character-shaping Skin/Meat Bias Control to choose between distortion and heavy gated fuzz. As known from KMA, this pedal also comes in a unique stylish heavy-duty casing with fancy LED's being the bears eyes. Another good reason to engage this Fuzzly Bear!

KMA Audio Machines Dead Stag
KMA Audio Machines Astrospurt.png

The next generation Big Muff. Every guitar and bass geek knows and most likely loves the sound of a classic EHX Big Muff. The same applies to the guys from KMA Audio Machines, who decided to push the classic Big Muff sound into another sphere. Taking the beloved discrete circuit and adding a bunch of cool tone shaping features make the Dead Stag an all-purpose Fuzz for guitarists as well as bassists. There's an active Treble/Bass EQ with 15 db Cut/Boost, a parametric Mid EQ with 12 db Cut/Boost between 400Hz and 2.4kHz and even an internal Q bandwidth control. Regarding the distortion and fuzz characteristics the Dead Stag provides you with a Volume (Growl), Distortion(Mud), a switch to go between the high and low gain level and finally a boost at the end of the circuit to smoothen or sharpen your high mids.The KMA Dead Stag is awaiting your demands with its massive and versatile tone!

KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea
KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea.png

One Octaver pedal to create a wall of sound! KMA Audio Machines have already established a name for themselves in Europe. Their pedals are well designed to be extremely useful and versatile, but also to have a kick. The Moai Mea is a monophonic analog pedal which can deliver 2 octaves down and one octave up. The octaves down are clean and thick while the octave up has an edgy fuzz following it, thus creating a thick wall of sound.Each octave is controlled by a turning knob, allowing the player to adjust the mix of all octaves and clean signal. A smart feature KMA added on the Moai Mea is the sub-octave mod switch that allows quick switching between one-two sub-octaves.