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KMA Audio Machines

KMA Audio Machines is a young pedal effects company from Berlin, Germany. All of KMA’s pedals are completely hand-made by Enrico Preuß who is a passionated engineer and musician. Enrico’s vision is to create high quality pedal effects which combines that vintage sound we love so much with a more modern design and functionality. The self made circuits by KMA Audio Machines and the special look of the pedals make them one of a kind.
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KMA Audio Machines Wurm

The KMA Audio Machines Wurm is a roaring beast, full of destructive in your face distortionKMA called their 2017 re

KMA Audio Machines Minos

A True Germanium fuzz with a lot of versatilityKMA Audio Machines' Minos is a germanium based fuzz pedal perfect for gar

KMA Audio Machines Fuzzly Bear

This bear can roar!The Fuzzly Bear is KMA Audio Machines approach for a wide-range fuzz/distortion/overdrive pedal which

KMA Audio Machines Dead Stag

The next generation Big MuffEvery guitar and bass geek knows and most likely loves the sound of a classic EHX Big Muff.

KMA Audio Machines Moai Maea

One Octaver pedal to create a wall of sound!KMA Audio Machines have already established a name for themselves in Europe.