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Keeley Hydra

Keeley Hydra

Don't Let Cap America See This One 

Tremolo and reverb go together like pea in a pod, since the early Fender amps featuring these effects in tandem this combination of effects has become part of musical culture.
So when you hear that Keeley have made a new tremolo/reverb pedal you'd be forgiven for expecting something fairly traditional.
Instead what we have is one of Keeley's most advanced pedals ever featuring tones the aforementioned fender amps would gasp at. 

This pedal contains features such as: true stereo output, presets, 3 reverb and 3 tremolo types, tap tempo, trails on/off. 
All in all this is one of the most impressive trem/verb pedals on the market, add in its pedalboard friendly size, high fidelity audio, intelligent switching and great price point and its easy to see why the Hydra has been so successful. 

Specs: Hydra

Weight (in g) 350.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Digital
Main FX Reverb
Additional FX Tremelo
Manufacturer Keeley
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 68 x 120 x 58
Made In USA


Playing It
Tutorial Video