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Keeley Compressor Plus
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4 Knob Compressor? ... Oooooh Matron In case you didn't know, Robert Keeley is regarded as the Godfather of the boutique pedal world. Its definitively true to say Keeley are no longer a boutique company BUT for many many MANY guitarists Robert was their very first introduction into the world of "Oh yeah that's a great pedal, send it to me and I'll make it even better". The term "Keeley moded" is now a common phrase across the globe, and has encouraged a huge number of builders to have a go themselves which directly lead to the massive pedal boom we live in today. Of course, if your regularly improving others pedals then it makes good sense to start producing a version of them with the upgrades all ready in place and from there to start producing a range of pedals. From here the Keeley 2 & 4 knob compressors were born and were the finishing touch in solidifying Keeley's place on the Mount Olympus of the gear world. The Compressor Plus succeeded the 2 & 4 knob compressors and went on to become the single most popular compressor ever sold, in excess of 80,000 units have been made also making it Keeley's most successful pedal ever. But ... Why? Well its pretty simple really and that's the key, simplicity! Keeley made a compressor which gives you studio quality compression and made it incredibly simple to dial in to the extent that the release control is assigned to a two way switch perfectly dialled in for humbuckers or single coils. All the tricky work has been done for us leaving enough control to personalise our tone. This could have gone horribly wrong but the team over at Keeley have great experience and great ears so instead it worked out just fine!

Keeley Fuzz Bender

Size Matters At least thats what this pedal would have us believe because its knobs are HUGE!In reality though, it's what it does with it that counts and the Fuzz Bender from Keeley doesn't disappoint. Fuzzes tend to fall into one of two camps, silicon and germanium. The later is normally found in classic fuzzes and is slightly softer sounding than its aggressive silicon cousin. Robert Keeley however has gone down the route of having ones cake and eating it by putting 3 transistors in this pedal which are indeed a mix of the various aforementioned types giving a very unique sound and feel. What's more, control over the fuzz's bias means those hidden spluttery tones are now accessible from the top of the pedal if you feel like having a good time.