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Joyo JF-35 Pocket Metal

Joyo JF-35 Pocket Metal

JOYO JF-35 sounds like a Randall on steroids. 

The pocket metal, of course, is suited for metal and does fine in a hard rock setting as well. One really great feature is that the pedal isn't noisy at volume. The JF-35 has a unique mid-range control adjustment, as this frequency range is of more concern in heavy metal than the highs are. Scoop or add grit, just by making a quick adjustment on the huge bright white knob. All told the JF-35 from JOYO audio gets the job done and leaves you with spending cash to invest in strings, cables and all the other essential gear that it takes to get a good sound. The pocket metal distortion pedal will inspire you and afford you with that modern metal crunch.

Specs: JF-35 Pocket Metal

Weight (in g) 240.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Digital
Main FX Distortion
Manufacturer Joyo
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 118 x 62 x 56
Made In China


Playing It
Tutorial Video