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JAM Pedals

Art For Your Ears is the slogan Jam pedals use and it’s a fair description, each of their pedals features vibrant block colours usually contrasted against equally vibrant knobs or depictions of animals or flowers. 

The effect is always a cheerful appearance making you feel at ease with the quality and tone before even plugging in. Thankfully when you do plug in, these pretty pedals persistently please people playing … ran out of “P’s” 
One reason they sound so good is JAM are not afraid to look at what came before, there are MANY untapped effects from the past 50+ years which can be improved upon using today's technology. 

A great example is the Delay Llama Extreme, an analog delay which uses the frequency changes which occur from changing delay time to create octaves and harmonies. Old tech done in a totally new way thanks to current innovations. 

However even when it comes down to a simple drive pedal, Jam pedals shine such as with the Rattler. At TonePedia we’re BIG fans of a RAT type pedal, try the demo now to feel for yourself how well this pedal reacts to dynamics while still driving like a hair metal gods amp!  

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JAM Pedals Chill

The Trouble With Tremolo Ahh sweet sweet tremolo, so good the very first individual effect was a tremolo way back in the 1940's (yes that's right not long until 100 years of stomp boxes). Arguably the very best tremolo tones are those found in amps and specifically older Fender amps and that's why our friend from sunny Greece, Jam Pedals have designed the Chill Tremolo to sound like these early Fender tremolos.The trouble with tremolo is perceived volume loss, this is due to half of what we're hearing being removed. The highest volumes are the same but it sure doesn't feel like it! What the very best Tremolo's do to combat this it add more volume to the output which behaves like a boost and allowing the tremolo effect to come in at unity gain. Jam pedals of course added this feature but they've taken it one step further.By reducing the tremolo effect (depth at 0) and pushing the volume you get a very pleasant sounding boost from your analog trem pedal!   All in all this pedal gives the user everything needed from a trem plus a boost feature and it looks amazing just like the entire Jam range.

JAM Pedals Rattler
Rattler Image.png

Authentic recreation of a legendary pedal. When people talk about overdrive and distortion pedals there are a few which normally tend to pop up in conversation. Tubescreamers are the obvious name drop as are Klons and even the infamous Boss Metalzone MT-2 and rightly so as these are all massively influential pedals which have inspired numerous drive pedals since. There is another pedal sitting with the greats which may be seen as the underdog in sales terms but for many including most in the TonePedia team the Pro Co RAT is one of the best. Edging on distortion/fuzz territory with a totally non smooth break up when playing chords, RAT style pedals can sound very amp like. That changes massively when playing lead notes as RAT style pedals sing sweetly in what feels to be a junkster position to gritty aforementioned chords.So JAM know a thing or two about classic pedals, especially the original RAT’s featuring the elusive LM308N chip which they have found a source of NOS (new old stock) parts for. This has resulted in the RATTLER, a near faithful recreation of the best RATs ever made and what has changed is all for the better such as featuring an LED on/off indicator.What's amazing for you is we have an original first version small box RAT on TonePedia and now we have the Rattler too so you can now experience both pedals side by side. Enjoy

JAM Pedals Waterfall

Wet Wet & Wetter If you're new to chorus take a moment to go listen to the 80's because that's what that sound is! There are a few revered choruses from the 80's such as the Boss pedals (CE-1, CE-2, Dimension C etc) which many would argue are the quintessential chorus tones. So Jam went in another direction. Jam have created an analog chorus pedal which sounds modern ... this is clearly a double negative but somehow they've done it. Even long time chorus haters have been turned onto this pedal such as Greg Koch who would only use chorus as a faux Lesley sound and now loves the Jam Waterfall. In fact this pedal is so well received that even the mighty Steve Lukather has one as a mainstay on his board.Enough name dropping, lets talk about the controls. We have Depth and speed, an extra switch for a different flavour of Chorus giving a more 3D sound. The right switch kills the dry signal and therefore provides us with a vibrato tone.Yes that's right you get two effects in one pedal! So head into the player now and compare this with the other Choruses and vibrato's on Tonepedia to see what makes this one special.

JAM Pedals Tubedreamer

But Its Not Green ... Today's pedal market has lots of A) Fuzzes and B) Tubescreamers. You just have to search through Tonepedia's catalog to see this, but back when Jam Pedals released the Tubedreamer things were a little different. In a similar fashion the Tubedreamer is still a refreshing take on the traditional circuit, many simply look to recreate the earliest models but not so here. In a way the Tubedreamer isn't a Tubescreamer at all due to the use of asymmetric clipping which has more in common with Boss's SD-1 however the topology of the Tubedreamer is primarily based around an 808. The heritage is here too as it features the increasingly rare JRC4558D chip used in the late 70's early 80's pedals.The result is a pedal which is familiar yet a tone all of its own, add into the mix a choice of 3 diode clipping options and we have ourselves a pedal with both looks and sounds great still all these years on. Could the Tubedreamer soon become as renowned as the originals ... It could be argued it already is. But how does it sound and compare to the originals!? At tonepedia we don't tell you, we ask you to try them yourself. Under overdrives you will find a mixture of early Tubescreamer and even an SD-1 or two, A/B the Tubedreamer with these and you tell us what you think ... Which is your favourite?

JAM Pedals Red Muck Mk. 2
Pedal template.png

When Muffs Collide Muff aficionados commonly fall into one of three groups, Op-amp, Triangle or Russian. Of those the Triangle and Russian have the least in common with the triangle muff being the most aggressive of the bunch. What Jam has done here is simply taken the best qualities of the Triangle and Russian muffs and stuck it all in a pretty little box a fraction the size of a 70's big muff. Then they've created a boost tuned to get every single delight out of the fuzz and squeezed that in there too.The result is pedal that would even make David Gilmour blush.This is so well respected, just check out the list of famous users:David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas, Graham Coxon, Jim Campilongo, Greg Koch, Dweezil Zappa, Lee Ranaldo, Adrian Legg, Guy Pratt, Robert Randolph, Julien Kasper, Sean Ono Lennon, Red Fang ... As always we urge you to A/B this pedal against our long list of fuzzes to hear which sound the best for you!