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JAM Pedals

Art For Your Ears is the slogan Jam pedals use and it’s a fair description, each of their pedals features vibrant block colours usually contrasted against equally vibrant knobs or depictions of animals or flowers. 

The effect is always a cheerful appearance making you feel at ease with the quality and tone before even plugging in. Thankfully when you do plug in, these pretty pedals persistently please people playing … ran out of “P’s” 
One reason they sound so good is JAM are not afraid to look at what came before, there are MANY untapped effects from the past 50+ years which can be improved upon using today's technology. 

A great example is the Delay Llama Extreme, an analog delay which uses the frequency changes which occur from changing delay time to create octaves and harmonies. Old tech done in a totally new way thanks to current innovations. 

However even when it comes down to a simple drive pedal, Jam pedals shine such as with the Rattler. At TonePedia we’re BIG fans of a RAT type pedal, try the demo now to feel for yourself how well this pedal reacts to dynamics while still driving like a hair metal gods amp!  

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JAM Pedals Lucydreamer Bass
Lucydreamer Bass.png

The Bass OD Bassist Deserve It's fair to say the Lucydreamer Bass is more than just a guitar pedal with a Bass sticker on the box.Where-as the Lucydreamer accentuated certain guitar specific low end frequencies the bass version has been fine tuned for Bass friendly tones. Likewise it pushes the mid range in a way which suits basses and bass amps while maintaining your core tones. If you think this mean "transparency" you would be right and added clarity comes courtesy of the clean blend control which allows you to add just the right amount of drive to your tone. BUT WAIT what if you want to go from a light crunch to full on driven bass lines. Well the High Gain footswitch allows this at a simple stomp. Dynamics is what this pedal is all about and it offers you this from many different angles, "transparent" tone, Clean blean, high gain footswitch. Nice!