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JAM Pedals Waterfall Bass

JAM Pedals Waterfall Bass

Wet Wet Bass

If you're new to chorus take a moment to go listen to the 80's because that's what that sound is! There are a few revered choruses from the 80's such as the Boss pedals (CE-1, CE-2, Dimension C etc) which many would argue are the quintessential chorus tones. 

So Jam went in another direction. Jam have created an analog chorus pedal which sounds modern ... this is clearly a double negative but somehow they've done it. 
Even long time chorus haters have been turned onto this pedal such as Greg Koch who would only use chorus as a faux Lesley sound and now loves the Jam Waterfall. In fact this pedal is so well received that even the mighty Steve Lukather has one as a mainstay on his board.

Enough name dropping, lets talk about the controls. We have Depth and speed, an extra switch for a different flavour of Chorus giving a more 3D sound. The right switch kills the dry signal and therefore provides us with a vibrato tone.

Yes that's right you get two effects in one pedal! Being the bass version this pedal is tweaked for bass frequencies and sounds great!

Specs: Waterfall Bass

Weight (in g) 300.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Analog
Main FX Chorus
Additional FX Vibrato
Manufacturer JAM Pedals
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 75 x 120 x 56
Made In Greece
Famous Users Anthony Jackson, Guy Pratt, John Davis


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