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Ibanez guitars began their story with Hoshino Gakki, a music products and manuscript manufacturer, in Nagoya, Japan, in 1908. Hoshino Gakki imported high-end classical guitars from renowned builder Salvador Ibáñez in the late 1920s and began making their own guitars by the 1930s, adopting the name Ibanez. When rock n’ roll steered markets toward electric models, the company began to make budget guitars designed for export.

Already established on the American market, they switched their business model from cheap original designs to high-quality replica models of already established Fenders, Gibsons and other iconic American brands. This eventually resulted in a lawsuit from Gibson, which was settled 1978.

Their bold approach found it’s creative outlet in maintaining this level of craft with their own designs. Their guitars had already gained the attention of many high-profile artists in models such as the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir and the Artist model, Kiss’ Paul Stanley and the Iceman and George Benson’s signature models.
Tailoring designs to artist’s needs would prove to be a definitive strength as the 80s and guitar-driven music rolled in. Their Saber (S series) and Roadstar (RG series) featured high-output pickups, floating double-locking trems, thin necks and deep cutaways. Guitar legends at the time such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Pat Metheny were allowed to spec their own tailor-made models, which made Ibanez stand out as the leading artist-driven manufacturer at the time.
With the rise of Nu-Metal in the 2000's they began to re-develop their 7, 8 and 9 string models, popularized by groups like KoRn and Limp Bizkit at the time and opened up yet another whole new market of young shredders.
Today they have many aspects of the market covered with these innovations, alongside a reputation with models such as the Artcore and Artstar, AS and AF series as competitors in the traditional guitar and bass markets. Ibanez’s adaptability and artist-driven approach has enabled them to grow and diversify the guitar market for decades like few other brands.
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Ibanez Nu Tubescreamer

A classic Overdrive gets refined for the 21st century. The Nutube Tubescreamer is basically a standard TS808 with inverted colors and the addition of the tiny, vacuum Nutube. It sounds organic and amp-like, offering exceptional dynamics. Like you'd expect it from a Tubescreamer, it tightens up the bottom end with a pleasant amount of compression. Besides the initial set of controls they've added a Mix knob to go from clean (CL) to overdrive (OD).  This is a well though-out addition to the pedal since most players use the Tubescreamer either as a Clean or as a Solo boost. This Mix knob enables you to further shape the character of the pedal to your specific use.The NTS has relay true-bypass switching, is all-analog and can be powered with 9 volt battery or 9-18 volts power supply where 18 volts deliver more headroom and gain.Follow your instincts and listen for yourself in the TonePedia Player!

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

An all-time classic. There's no doubt about it, the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer is one of the, if not the most popular guitar overdrive out there. Guitar players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan used it as the TS9 really let's the sound and feel of the guitarist come through. It is one of the most copied pedals and was used as a basic circuit for many later pedals.Plugging it in makes you feel as if you went back in time. It sounds like old favourite records. This mid boost is really prominent and perfect for rock and blues as it cuts through the mix, yet keeping your initial guitar tone right there.The Tube Screamer went through many variations. It started in the late 70's as the TS-808 Overdrive Pro, then in early 80's the first TS9 was produced and some more variations came after. Nevertheless, the Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer remains the original - a must have!

Ibanez AVD9

Vintage but new. Ibanez's Artwood Vintage series is well known for its good price-value ratio. With the AVD9 Ibanez went even more "vintage" with their "Thermo aged" raging process."Thermo aged" means that the top of the guitar is being torrefied (backed) in high temperature and results in a more vintage, broken-in style of sound. As if the guitar naturally aged from years of being played.Right from the first chord, round, deep tones will fill your ears, and the more you play it the more it will dazzle you how affordable this guitar is in comparison to what it delivers.Ibanez really got it right with the AVD9 Atwood Vintage. The woods, bone nut and saddle and treated top are making this guitar a real steal.For its price, we totally recommend checking it out.

Ibanez AD Mini

Quality analog delay for the small board. The Ibanez AD Mini / Analog Delay Mini pedal delivers quality analog delay tone in a small unit which will fit onto almost every pedalboard on earth - yes, even if it's really cramped.The Ibanez AD Mini offers a delay time range from 20ms to 600ms. Dial it to a short delay time to get slapback delay, or to a longer time to get that space delay sound. The signal path is 100% analog, and true-bypass switching completely takes the effect out of your guitar's signal path when disengaged.Fiddling with the blend and feedback knobs on stage can be tricky, due to their size, but the most important knob, the time knob, is a standard sized one which is comfortable to tweak around.To sum it up, the Ibanez AD Mini / Analog Delay Mini is small, neat and a great addition to your low-in-space pedal board.

Ibanez TM302

The Ibanez Talman TM302 is a perfect starter's guitar and more! Getting around with the TM302 is pretty much a straight forward thing. Double cutaway Alder body, 2 passive custom vintage single coil pickups and a standard 3-way switch will get you all that you need. Thanks to the comfortable neck shape and classic, no hassle 3-way pickup configuration, we found the Ibanez TM302 a great candidate for those who make their way into the guitar world and want to start/move playing the electric guitar. It's not a heavy guitar, but has the right weight, so playing using a strap is quite nice actually and the medium fret size makes it easy to fiddle around with string bending and more complex chords.Sound wise it's more than we hoped for, check out the demos.

Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer

TS-808 ... where everything began. These days, we guitarists have an unprecedented variety of effect pedals to choose from - basically every unit you can image is somewhere out there. But still you can spot this bright green pedal on so many pedalboards wherever you look and that is for a really good reason!The legendary Ibanez TS-808 is around since the late 70's and has become, thanks to the characteristic midrange presence and the way it interacts with a tube amp's preamp, a favorite of so many guitar players around the globe. While preserving the characteristics of the guitar and amp, it adds sustain, edge, harmonic liveliness and a tightness to the bottom end that guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan desired from the first moment on.The current TS-808 is faithful reproduction of the original with the same JRC4558D IC chip and an analog circuitry.

Ibanez AMV10A
Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 11.20.12.png

The Artcore Vintage AMV10A has sound and looks one can hardly expect to get at such price point. The demand for relic guitars is constantly growing, musicians want guitars that sound a look rock 'n' roll (and who can blame them). The thing is, good relic takes time and raises the price of the instrument. Ibanez has been innovative forever and came again to the rescue with the Artcore Vintage Series. The AMV10A comes in a beautiful, nicely relic'd tobacco burst low gloss finish and worn hardware which gives the guitar a well played guitar look. The sound is no different, the Ibanez AMV10A fits Jazz, Rock and just about any style you would like to play thanks to the fat sounding Custom Elite pickups. We also appreciate the Quik Change III tailpiece Ibanez equip the AMV10A with, as it is both good looking and makes string changing as easy as it gets.

Ibanez AVD6

The Ibanez AVD-6 is an old looking guitar with all the benefits of a new one. On this reliced guitar, which has a very cool, distressed "one that was around" finish, Ibanez used mahogany body in combination with a solid sitka spruce top. This combination produces a wide ranging guitar sound with tight lows and open highs and all around warmth. It is definitely not a "small sounding" guitar.Ibanez went for bone nut&saddle, a soft v shape and a slim 43mm nut on the AVD-6 which makes it comfortable to handle on the 1st frets. One more thing we noticed is, that it is light weighted. On their website, Ibanez describe their Artwood series as a "modern approach to acoustic guitar tradition." The DTS-6 takes it one step forward.