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Ibanez AD Mini

Ibanez AD Mini

Quality analog delay for the small board. 

The Ibanez AD Mini / Analog Delay Mini pedal delivers quality analog delay tone in a small unit which will fit onto almost every pedalboard on earth - yes, even if it's really cramped.
The Ibanez AD Mini offers a delay time range from 20ms to 600ms. Dial it to a short delay time to get slapback delay, or to a longer time to get that space delay sound. The signal path is 100% analog, and true-bypass switching completely takes the effect out of your guitar's signal path when disengaged.

Fiddling with the blend and feedback knobs on stage can be tricky, due to their size, but the most important knob, the time knob, is a standard sized one which is comfortable to tweak around.
To sum it up, the Ibanez AD Mini / Analog Delay Mini is small, neat and a great addition to your low-in-space pedal board.

Specs: AD Mini

Weight (in g) 288.00
Voltage 9
Circuit Analog
Main FX Delay
Manufacturer Ibanez
Series MINI Series
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 50.9 x 92.6 x 55.1
Made In Japan
Based on famous model? Ibanez AD9


Playing It
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