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Since 1887 until today, Höfner is one of the leading makers of stringed instruments offering a varied selection of guitars and basses in classic and unique shapes. Due to their iconic design, many of Höfner's creations are instantly recognizable by sight alone, and those that use a more standard shape can still be discerned by the impeccable quality of their sound.

Höfner is best known for their bass guitars, particularly the violin-shaped style that was initially made popular by Paul McCartney. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of this electric bass design, Höfner released the Contemporary Series, which combines a vintage appearance with a modern sustain block on the inside to create a sound that's as classic as the instruments' looks.

You can also find traditional hollow body bass designs in the Club Bass models; these have a rich, woody sound that's perfectly suited for '60s and '70s-style rock. As well, if you're a frequent traveler, you can't miss the Höfner Shorty Electric Bass. Combining a full-scale length with a uniquely compact body, this bass lets you take your music anywhere without a problem. The cousin to the Shorty bass is the Höfner Shorty Electric Travel Guitar, which follows the same principle of putting a full-scale neck on a miniature body.

Apart from that portable instrument, Höfner's specialty for guitarists is the classical acoustic guitar. They make a number of these, from cedar-topped models with laurel, mahogany and rosewood bodies to a special hybrid guitar with spruce and cedar together on top. Höfner's classical guitars are well-suited to novice and professional players alike.

With Höfner In your collection, you'll quickly understand what made this luthier the biggest maker of stringed instruments in their native Western Europe. Well-built and great-sounding, Höfner's guitars and basses live up to their reputation with ease.

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Höfner HCT-VTH-D Verythin deluxe

The Höfner Verythin Deluxe (HCT-VTH-D) is a smaller bodied sister of the Verythin Contemporary. It is a semi hollow electric guitar which delivers that surf Höfner Verythin style, only with a reduced body size which makes it "snuggly". We like the dry tone coming our of it, and from the entire Verythin line in general, but the HCT-VTH-D stood out when it came to overdrives and effects in general. The overall tone was more solid and we found it to be a versatile guitar.

Höfner HVSP-DC-0 Verythin Special

Thin yet fat. Based on the famous Hofner Verythin from the 1960s this new Hofner Verythin Special brings you the perfect blend of classic design elements, master craftsmanship and superior materials. Hofner added vintage shape 'Sickle' F-holes for extra style. The centre sustain block allows the two Hofner 'Diamond' humbuckers to deliver extra sustain without the worry of feedback.

Höfner HCT-VTH-R Verythin Contemporary

Deep gutsy blues. Based on the original classic Hofner Verythin guitar body shape from 1960 with the body depth of only 1.25 inches. The Hofner Verythin was extremely popular with groups during the 1960s beat boom era. The Hofner Verythin CT not only captures that unique 60s sound but also has the ability to produce tones ranging from deep gutsy blues through to cutting distorted rock. At Hofner we achieve this by fitting a centre block in the body to produce more sustain, deeper tones and less feedback. The CT model is now fitted with striped position markers on the neck just like the original Hofner 1960s model. You'll certainly stand out from the crowd playing a Hofner Verythin CT. It truly is a versatile guitar at a very affordable price.

Höfner Shorty-CT

A Full scale short guitar. The Hofner Shorty was first produced back in the 1980s and Hofner continue to offer this compact travel guitar for those guitarists who can't bear to be without a guitar even when on holiday! The Hofner Shorty offers full scale length combined with such small overall dimensions that it can be taken anywhere.

Höfner Thin President CT

The Thin President CT is a more affordable version of the famous Thin President model of the 50's. Semi-Hollow guitars are great fun. They can rock, jazz, surf and do everything with style. The Thin President CT by Höfner proves that well. The combination of center block, full size humbuckers and hollow body provides a fat, yet airy sound with just about the right amount of sustain, and with the fitted Bigsby tremolo it gets even better. A major difference between the Thin President and other Höfner guitars is the roller bridge with adjustable saddle per string which makes it easier to set the Thin President CT to perfection.

Höfner Thin President

Höfner goes Rockabilly From headstock to bottom strap-pin, the Höfner Thin President (HTP-E2, not to be confused with the HCT Contemporary equivalent) is a stunning thinline guitar. The Arched spruce top and maple back are beautifully carved and enhance the sound projection of the HTP-E2. The Thin President is not to be mistaken as a traditional Jazz guitar. It does shaped as a Jazz guitar and you can play Jazz with it, that much is true, but the center block, Bigsby tremolo arm and Höfner's full size humbuckers make it a great rockabilly guitar, it has just the right amount of dryness in it's sound. The Thin President and other made in Germany Höfner guitars are a great representation of Höfner's quality and craftsmanship abilities. Like other made in Germany Höfner guitars, the HTP-E2 comes with a hardshell Höfner case.