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Höfner Club Bass H500/2

Höfner Club Bass H500/2

Today, just like yesterday. 

The Höfner Club Bass H500/2 was designed after the original 500/2 model from 1965 and actually is built to this day using the exact same materials and techniques.

Funny enough, the body shape of the Club Bass was already in use for nearly a decade on Höfner electric guitars. Höfner shares that they designed the Club Bass as an alternative bass players who like the Höfner sound yet did not want to look like Paul McCartney. We must agree, the H500/2 does share the same characteristics with the H500/1 Violin model, though it does have a bit deeper tone.

Craftsmanship wise it is a one well made beauty! From the wood choice to the finish and playability, it is a magnificent bass. 

Specs: Club Bass H500/2

Number of Frets 22
String Number 4
Specific Wood Fretboard Rosewood
Scale Length (inch) 30
Specific Wood Neck Flame Maple/Beech/Flame Maple
Pickup Configuration H-H
Pickup Brand Höfner
Bridge Pickup Model Staple Nickel (Regular Version)
Neck Pickup Model Staple Nickel (Regular Version)
Body Shape Single Cut
Body Type Hollow Body
Specific Wood Body Flame Maple
Specific Wood Top Flame Maple
Specific Colour Sunburst
Manufacturer Höfner
Made In Germany
Based on famous model? Höfner 500/2 (1965)