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Gojira Octave Generator
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A different approach to octave fuzz world When we think of an octaver we generally think of that hendrix sound and rightly so, the man gave us so many new tones. From then on many pedal builders have tried to recreate that sound and to do so they concentrate on the Fuzz tone and whack an octave up circuit on top and voila.What Scott over at Gojira FX has done is start from the bottom up ... ... the LOW LOW bottom The Octave generator is at its heart an octave pedal with four knobs each controlling an octave. The first knob allows us to dial in and out our normal direct signal and the last two knobs allow us to bring in an octave down and two octaves down respectively. This allows for some great bass emulation and can be a very useful tool for practicing tunes at home. The spice of this pedal is on the second knob, this is an octave up AND fuzz in one knob. The genius of this is each analog circuit and the dry through are unaffected by the fuzz therefore maintaining clarity while the octave up goes crazy on its own. The other octaves cushion this mad dangerous sounding octaver style effect allowing for tones only possible with multiple pedals before. This is a pedal with many possible uses. It could be used as a simple clean boost in one song then allow you to cover the bass on another. You can begin to emulate organ sounds or just dial in a little of each frequency to just give some extra body in a smaller band or a quiet section of a song.Or you can get you full Jimmy H on and jam away all night long. Let us know what you think of it on our Socials