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From rural Quebec, Canada, Godin guitars and the other five brands under the Godin umbrella are sent out to every continent in the world.

In 1972, Robert Godin translated his passion for music and wood working to guitars. His probably most known creation is the Multiac guitar which has a state of the art on board preamp that sounds like no other. But Godin goes far beyond the Multiac guitars. The company builds fantastic electric and acoustic guitars under different brands: Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie, Art & Lutherie and Godin.

Today the company is being run by two generations of the Godin family, as Robert's two sons, Simon and Patrick, joined the company. The beauty of this trio is that the guitars under the Godin umbrella continue to evolve with young and fresh ideas while tradition and meticulous attention to detail is kept. 
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Godin Progression Plus

That's right on! The Progression Plus is an outstanding instrument. Highest accuracy in the crafting process and the love for detail create a guitar that you won't put aside easily. The combination of Canadian Laurentien basswood and a rock maple neck form a guitar that is light, well balanced and feels comfortable from the first moment on. Furthermore, the Progression Plus has a delightful amount of sustain and great playability up to the highest frets. The single coil's have oversized pole piece magnets and thereby deliver a bit more clarity and substance while the Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Junior is more mid-focused. The High Definition Revoicer gives you another clarity boost that can be either use for certain moments where you want some extra bite or you simply leave it on at all times. Another smart feature is the "Tru-Loc Trem" system that ensures that the tremolo arm stays in a self chosen comfort zone and doesn't swing around continuously. Godin strives for innovation for creating yet better and better instruments. The Progression Plus is a fine example for this.

Godin Summit Classic HB

Rock-solid rock machine! Loaded with a Seymour Duncan Alnico II and a Seymour Duncan '59 this Summit Classic HB is ready to rock your socks off. Godin equipped this guitar with their HDR system to alter the sound of the pick ups adding a little bit of highs and mids while tightening the bass frequencies - easy accessible with a little black button next to the tone knob. The Summit Classic HB is quite light, well balanced and feels very comfortable due to its shape. The mahogany body and neck is accompanied by a Richlite fretboard which is extremely dense and thereby helps to stabilize the neck as well as it is water resistant to guarantee a long life span. Give it a listen in the TonePedia player and if you like it make sure to grab one to test it for yourself!

Godin Summit Classic SG

Clear your calendar! It's a pure delight to mess around with the Summit Classic SG and it'll be hard to put it aside once you started playing. It's light-weight, the finish on body and neck feels incredibly and it sounds great. It's straight forward with its two Godin Custom Humbuckers, a classic three-way toggle switch and two separate volume and tone controls assigned to each pickup. It takes a few moments to get used to the slightly different angle of the potis on the Summit Classic SG compared to the common angle of the Les Paul style guitars but guitarists are generally smart beings and can adjust easily. Sound wise the Humbuckers produce lively and rich tones that never tend to bore or get lost in the mix. 

Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II HB

A+ on playability. The 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II with Humbuckers is a delight when it comes to playability. It's light-weight and balanced, has a smooth U-shaped maple neck and sits comfortable on your leg. Godin attached the highest importance to ensure that the unique calibrated bracing supports the thin, beautiful wild cherry top in vibrating perfectly. The result is a rich and full sounding guitar that performs beautifully no matter if you're a blues, a jazz, a slide or a rock guitarist.  The Godin Custom Humbuckers create the classic vintage tone with presence and clarity that helps this archtop come alive. 

Godin Session

A nice balance between tradition and the modern trend! The Session model by the canadian manufacturer Godin is meticulously built for its reasonable price and it offers a great deal of tonal versatility. The two single coils sound clear and accurate while delivering enough punch to keep up with the mid-focussed humbucker which can be split by pulling the tone knob. In combination with the 5-way switch the Session offers a huge variety of sounds to go from blues to country and over to rock. The chrome hardware works precisely and is just like the pickups and basically everything on this instrument self-made by Godin. Following this spirit, the Session appears as a sophisticated strat-like guitar that can be your trusty companion in the most various musical situations.

Godin Summit Classic P90

Gold for a reason... The Summit Classic P90 is another fine example of Godins craftsmanship. It looks good, it feels good and it certainly sounds good. The Seymour Duncan P90 single coils perform beautifully and manage to convey the subtle nuances in the guitarists style. It is an honest, direct tone with a lot of overtone and spank. By activating the built in H.D.R. system the pickups become active and offer a brighter, more powerful tone. Unfortunately, when enabling the active circuit sometimes quiet cracking noises appear - no deal breaker but one could live without. Even playing the Summit Classic P90 unplugged is a delight because of the great set-up and the sheer endless sustain that it produces. Well, it's not the cheapest guitar around, but every cent is well spent on this Godin.

Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II

Back to the roots. There have been Archtop guitars for nearly a century now but still Godin decided to have their own approach of it called 5th Avenue. Light and balanced with a thin wild cherry top that resonates extremely well, a smooth and fast Leaf Maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and two Kingpin P90 single coils - that's the 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II in a nutshell. It has a remarkable amount of sustain and it sounds very even throughout the frequencies with slightly scooped mids. While the neck pickup sounds warm and full, the bridge pickup is bright to sometimes even harsh but still both P90s are very capable of transporting the sound and feel of this amazing Archtop. Godin follows a compassion for detail that is exemplary.

Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90

Back to the future. The Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90 takes you back to the '50s when archtop guitars ruled. These old archtop guitars often had a slightly weaker low end and this is where Godin made the change with their 5th Avenue guitar. It has better projection and body on the low-mid range, which makes it perfect for Jazz, Delta Blues, Country and so on. While it might look expensive, it is actually priced under 1000$ which is surprising given that Godin did not compromise on a thing with it. Canadian Cherry back, sides and top, floating guard, cream binding, Graphtech nut, a custom polished semi gloss finish and a sweet vintage sound both acoustically and electrically will get you going with the Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin P90.

Godin Montreal Premiere

Jazz and much more... Godin took the traditional semi hollow body design and made it fit to the guitar player of today. The Godin Montreal Premiere is a wonderful center block semi hollow guitar which sports a body of almost 15" wide, Mahogany body and top and two powerful Seymour Duncan humbucker pickups. The result is a versatile thinline guitar that can go from Jazz to Rockabilly, Rock, Funk and more. It has pristine clean tone but deals well with gain pedals too. However, we would not recommend going with heavy distortion pedals as it is still a semi hollow. The glossy finish looks great and the guitar is pretty light which makes it great for long sessions.

Godin Core CT HB

Light guitar, heavy tones. The Godin Core CT HB is a light, chambered guitar which delivers great healthy tone with a respectful sustain. Godin created chambers on the Spanish Cedar body which were tuned for specific tones, enhancing sustain of the instrument while reducing it's weight. The body is topped with carved Maple which gives the guitar attack. The Godin Core CT is really great for contemporary music as it is a warm, rocking guitar. The Godin and Seymour Duncan pickup combination delivers classic, yet versatile tone.

Godin Summit Classic LTD

For those about to rock... Hand-wound Bare Knuckles pickups, Mahogany body, Maple top, healthy neck and killer top. The Godin Summit Classic LTD is everything you want to rock it out loud. The Mahogany body on the Summit Classic LTD has 5 strategically positioned chambers which reduce the guitar's weight yet keep the tonal integrity of it. Each chamber is positioned to a specific tone, ensuring balanced tone and healthy sustain. The Bare Knuckles Mule pickups on the Summit Classic LTD are simply great rock machines and a great fit to this sweet looking Godin guitar. Yet, if you even want more, then activate the H.D.R circuit, go active and get even more bite and dynamic response from your Summit Classic LTD. 

Godin Session LTD

A modern yet classy Strat approach. The Session LTD appeals not only to the eye. Godin chose to equip it with two of their own GS-1 Single Coils that sound punchy and alive. The Seymour Duncan SH-11 humbucker in the bridge position is a good match and is even splittable by pulling the tone knob. The Session LTD offers enough tonal options to go from country to blues and over to hard rock without any hassle. The 5-way toggle switch operates as smoothly as the tremolo system and the stylish tuners. Fortunately, it came with a nice set-up and stayed astonishingly well in tune even after some excessive tremolo usage. An all-round classic, already!

Godin Stadium 59

Breaking the status quo once again... Although the Stadium 59 looks mostly like a T-style guitar with the modification of a humbucker in the neck position it is way more than this. Godin exchanged the typical 3-way switch with a 5 way-switch to offer two further pickup variations. The position 2 is the split Seymour Duncan '59 humbucker in series with the Godin Custom Cajun single coil to achieve a sweet single coil sound with a richer midrange content. Whereas the position 4 is the same but parallel wiring for bright stringy response and scooped mids. Furthermore the Stadium 59 features Godin's High Definition Revoicer. By pushing the tiny black button next to the tone control the pickups become active to add bite and clarity. The 9V-powered HDR alters the frequency range of the pickups to give you an extra amount of presence and more tonal flexibility. What a smart add-on!