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Gibson Guitars dominate the rock'n roll alphabet of performers from Duane Allman to Frank Zappa.  Since visionary luthier Orville Gibson began building mandolin-guitars in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1902, the guitar models have been at the heart of modern music.

The 'King of the Delta Blues' Robert Johnson said he was taught to play his L-1 acoustic by the Devil who visited him one night, took the guitar and showed him some songs at the Dockery Plantation in Mississippi. Johnson's catalogue of only 29 songs inspired an entire generation of musicians that fills the pantheon of 20th Century popular music.

Bob Dylan plays a signature Gibson SJ-200; the Edge from U2 works with a series of models from the 1976 Explorer to a Les Paul Custom 1983. The British Pop revolution of the 1960s is largely played on Gibson guitars – from Johnson's inspiration.

The Beatles, The Stones and the enigmatic Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac wove the themes of modern pop and rock on Gibsons. Woody Guthrie even wrote on his Southern Jumbo L-O 'this machine kills fascists'.

The Gibson legacy certainly maintains it’s air of guitar majesty and mysticism to this day maintaining its leading spot in the market for their unequivocal standard in tone, craft and that special ‘vibe’ that has carried through the history of the instruments, and the profound music that owes much of it’s spirit to these guitars.
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Gibson SJ-200 Amber Quilt

2016 limited run SJ-200. The SJ-200 Amber quilt is simply a stunning guitar, made in 2016 as a limited run by the folks at Gibson guitars.The AAA quilted maple and Amber burst finish works beautifully together and are truly what makes this super jumbo a unique instrument which looks great on every stage, studio and living room.The sound, thanks to the choice of maple and spruce woods, body size and building technique, is big and crystal clear.Most people think that a super jumbo body projects a super big low end regardless of the woods that are used. That's not true. This guitar has just the right amount of everything. Thanks to the brilliance of maple and lows of the jumbo size, the SJ-200 is well balanced and stands right on the border of being dry sounding, yet having just about enough sustain. Try strumming it, it's just great! No wonder it is referred to as the king of flat-tops. On top of the beauty, balance and strong acoustic sound projection, the SJ-200 Amber quilt comes with an L.R Baggs Anthem pickup which combines an under-the-bridge microphone and an under-the-saddle piezo pickup. when set to microphone only, it will deliver a natural amplified sound of the guitar. If you face any feedback issues, mixing less of the mic and more or the piezo will solve the problem while retaining most of the natural sound of the microphone.

Gibson HP 635 W

The enhanced one. The Gibson HP 635 W is a classic sounding Gibson Square shoulder acoustic-electric guitar with enhanced playability and comfortability.Gibson's years of experience and innovation have brought their great team in Bozeman, Montana, to design this thinner, slimmed down square shoulder guitar. Despite it's smaller sized body, the sound the HP 635 W projects is full, bold and resonant. To make it even more comfortable, Gibson have designed it with a smooth advanced response neck and cutaway, which is not often seen on Gibson's square shoulder models such as the Hummingbird, Dove and Songwriter. The performing acoustic guitar player will be happy to know that the HP 635 W is equipped with an LR Baggs Element pickup system.To sum it up, the Gibson HP 635 W is a great, USA hand made acoustic-electric guitar which delivers that Gibson sound with optimal playability.

Gibson Songwriter Studio

For the singer songwriter. The Gibson Songwriter series consists of fine, handmade guitars, which are intended to act as an all-arounder for the singer songwriter.Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce, L.R Baggs Element system, super comfortable and warm balanced tone are what makes this guitar a great companion.Everything you play on it works. Strumming or light arpeggio, hybrid or finger style, it all sounds "true", as if telling a story.On stage, using the L.R Baggs Element will get you sound right and leave you focusing on what's important, playing.Looks wise, it looks great but simple. Not perfect, just right. Like a true songwriter would.

Original Set

Gibson SG Standard (1964)

Gibson SG Junior (1964)

Gibson 1965 J-45 The Donovan Model

The Donovan signature model by Gibson. This meticulously recreated J-45 honors Donovan and the music he created on his 1965 J-45. The body radius, neck, and '60s-style adjustable bridge were carefully recreated in order to build a custom shop anniversary edition model for one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the last century.Classic meets modern in this new model which features the new L.R. Baggs Lyric acoustic guitar microphone, an award-winning amplification system featuring a bridge plate mounted, feather-weight microphone for supreme acoustic amplification.

Gibson J-45 Standard

The workhorse... The J-45 is one of Gibson’s best-selling acoustics of all time. Nicknamed “The Workhorse” and first introduced in 1942, this popular acoustic is now the icon of its round-shoulder, dreadnought line. World renowned for its full, balanced expression, warm bass and excellent projection, the J-45 is one of most technically advanced guitars of its time.

Gibson J-45 Custom

A Rosewood sister to the legendary Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar. The Gibson J-45 is an iconic mahogany bodied guitar which heaps of character. Since Mahogany is not for everyone, Gibson introduced a Rosewood bodied version of their legendary J-45 : The J-45 Custom. Gibson pampered the J-45 Custom with TUSQ nut and saddle for heathy sustain and overtones, LR Baggs VTC for a great stage sound, and abalone inlays and herringbone binding for the looks. The guitar is hand built at the Gibson factory in Bozeman, Montana.

Gibson ES-Les Paul Bass 2015

Les Paul for the bass players. The Gibson ES-Les Paul is a stylish short-scale, semi-hollow bass with classic Les Paul-inspired looks, versatile humbucking pickups, and outstanding playing comfort from rounded 'C' neck with rolled binding.

Gibson FZ-1 Fuzz Tone
Maestro Fuzz Tone.png

Satisfied Gibson's legendary Maestro FZ-1 Fuzz-Tone is the one. Without this there may well be no effects pedals at all, they should have called it the big bang! Released in 1962 it was the first widely marketed fuzz distortion guitar and bass effect. But then a small band named The Rolling Stones ended up with one and Keith Richards decided to use it to simulate the brass section guide track on a new song they were creating.Never intending to release the song with the fuzz on the record the band took the brave move of putting the track out.It's even reported that Keith didn't want the fuzz on the track â€œAt first I was mortified,” Richards says, “We didn’t even know Andrew [Loog Oldham, the Stones’ manager] had put the ******* thing out! [But it was] the record of the summer of ’65, so I’m not arguing.”BUT we're all massively thankful it was released since now we have millions of these wonderful toys which have made playing guitar and music in general so much fun for all. 

Gibson J-29

All solid round shoulder. The Gibson J-29 is an All Solid round-shoulder guitar with heaps of warmth and power.Although the combination of spruce top and rosewood body is common to acoustic guitars, Gibson's most iconic acoustic guitars, like the J-45, J-50 and Hummingbird are mahogany bodied.In fact, the J-29, which features this well known spruce and rosewood combination, only recently joined to the Gibson family of guitars.Gibson chose to use on this model their advanced X-Bracing pattern with the target of providing a rich, warm and powerful tone. They succeeded, as the J-29 is an absolute deep sounding, loud guitar.Thanks to the spruce top it does not lack any highs, actually, it is an extremely well balanced guitar which is a joy to strum, pick, pluck and so on.Plugged in, the L.R. Baggs Element VTC comes into play and delivers sweet sweet tones as always. The combination of the element system and the J-29 is fantastic, it is a great guitar for the stage. 

Gibson Hummingbird Pro

Clear and solid. Solid Sitka Spruce top, solid Mahogany back and sides, affordable price and that "Gibson" tone make the Hummingbird Pro a great guitar. Though the Hummingbird Pro differs from the standard Hummingbird in scale length (Pro 25 1/2" Std 24 3/4"), body size (Pro is considered as "small square shoulder"). It delivers that dry, full, woody sound which the Hummingbird is so famous for.When comparing the two, we felt that the Pro was a bit more brilliant with less bottom end. The sound of the Pro is clear and very solid, it's a great guitar, as we said already.The pickup system which it is equipped with, the L.R. Baggs Element system, is simple and efficient. It is the plug and play type, with the joy of sounding natural and balanced on every stage.

Gibson Explorer Sammy Hagar Red Rocker Signature

A Rocking Signature Explorer! Gibson dedicated this iconic Explorer Signature electric guitar to Sammy Hagar who rocked endless stages for decades. The Red Rocker Explorer has solid mahogany body and neck, a rosewood fingerboard and two uncovered zebra pickups which work so well in our opinion. The '57 Classic in the neck position is warm and bluesy while the BurstBucker 3 in the Bridge is a rock machine. While being a really versatile axe, due to its somewhat out-there appearance this instrument might not be everyone's choice. But if you are a collector, or if the colour red does not scare, take a spin on the Gibson Explorer Sammy Hagar Red Rocker Signature. Expect the search to be a little hard though, as only 250 of them were made.

Gibson Les Paul 1958 VOS Custom Shop (BTM Demo)
Les Paul 1958 VOS Custom Shop (BTM Demo).png

Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Gibson LP Trad.png

The famous one. The Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2017 is designed after the famous model created by the legendary guitar player and inventor Les Paul. He introduced it six decades ago and many components used in this model are the same, like the traditional tonewood combination and more.One of the differences between the 2017 and 2016 Traditional models are the pickups. The Les Paul Traditional 2017 T comes with a pair of Gibson Burstbuckers which were designed by the folks at Gibson to deliver a vintage-inspired sound.The Les Paul Traditional features a beautiful AA grade flamed maple top, non-chambered, weight-relieved mahogany body and a mahogany neck.The 2019 models contain the same woods, wiring and pickups as the 2017 models hence our demos fir these as well.