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Furch G-22SR Cut

G-22SR is the grand auditorium version of the 22 line by Furch, the first line in the Millennium series to come wit

Furch D-35SR

The D-35SR is considered as the flagship of Furch's vintage Series. It is a well balanced, open and pure sounding guitar

Furch G-21SW

The 21 line by Furch, like the 20 line, is made with a more minimalistic approach so you could get a maximum guitar for

Furch D-34SR

The Furch D-34SR is all about resonance, and a lot of it!Years of research and development brought Furch to apply a tech

Furch OM32-SM

The Furch OM-32SM immediately makes us play some Clapton..It's dry, well balanced and thanks to the Honduras Mahogany ha

Furch D25-CR Cut

From top to bottom, the Furch D25-CR is truly a remarkable instrumentFirst look at the Furch D25-CR reveals sheer beauty

Furch Little Jane LJ-10
Furch LJ-10.png

The facts that it passes every airline cabin luggage limitation and sounds absolutely wonderful make the Little Jane (LJ

Furch G-23CR

If you ask some owners of the G-23CR for their opinion they will most likely say that this guitar is "one of the best va

Furch OM20-CM Cut

The Furch OM-20-CM Natural is an orchestra model acoustic guitar. It features a solid Canadian cedar top, back and sides

Furch OM23-CR

The Furch OM23-CR is a guitar for the fingerpicker who seeks for a more contemporary sound. It's got sustain, resonance,

Furch OM31-SR

If you like tight and dry tone then this is the guitar for you. On most of the vintage series Furch applies a hand-