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Framus FD 14 M Dreadnought, with Cutaway & EQ

Framus FD 14 M Dreadnought, with Cutaway & EQ

Big Mahogany amplified sound for small money. 

With it's Mahogany body and solid Mahogany top, the Framus Legacy FR FD 14 M NS CE is all you need to start your way in the guitar world or to add a nice Mahogany guitar to your collection. It's a pretty versatile guitar, but don't expect it to be extremely quick in response, it is an all Mahogany guitar after all. The 1.77 / 45mm nut width really sits well in palm and the guitar is overall easy to play. If you want to go natural all the way then the NS finish is the perfect finish for you, however if you want to add a little spice to your guitar check the VS finish. The FR FD 14 M NS CE comes with a cutaway and Fishman pickup system, both add to the comfort and character of the guitar. If you like this guitar but prefer a no pickup or no cutaway model be sure to check out the Framus FD 14 M model on TonePedia.

Specs: FD 14 M Dreadnought, with Cutaway & EQ

String Number 6
Number of Frets 21
Manufacturer Framus
Series Legacy
Made In China
Specific Body Type Square Shoulder
Specific Wood Body Mahogany (Entandrophragma cylindricum)
Specific Wood Top Solid Mahogany (Entandrophragma cylindricum)
Specific Colour Natural Transparent Satin
Specific Wood Neck Mahogany (Entandrophragma cylindricum)
Specific Wood Fretboard Ebony
Neck joint at 14th fret
Neck width (inch) 2.06
Scale Length (inch) 25.5
Wood Body Mahogany
Pickup Configuration Piezo
Pickup Brand Fishman
Pickup Model Isys + Preamp with Sonicore Pickup