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Fishman Loudbox Mini

Fishman Loudbox Mini

The Fishman Loudbox mini is a light, portable amp, yet a loud one with a great variety of tonality.

On the amp you'll find 2 Channels, each powered by Fishman's preamps offering a 3-knob equaliser and digital reverb and chorus. All extremely easy to use.
Right after plugging your guitar in, getting to the right sound is a piece of cake. Just tweak the eq knobs to your liking, add a bit of reverb or chorus and you're set.
Since it offers 2 channels, one can also plug a microphone, keyboard or another guitar and play simultaneously.
Also using the mini's preamp out is possible. Plug it to a PA system, mixing desk or your interface using the preamp XLR output.

No wonder this amplifier is such a hot commodity in the market. For it's price, it delivers over the top quality.

Specs: Loudbox Mini

Weight (in kg) 0.00
Watts 60
Ohm 0
Manufacturer Fishman
Series Loudbox
Type Combo
Made In China