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E.W.S Brute Drive
Brute Force.png

Brute By Name But By Nature? When a new drive hits the market the automatic response is "what's it based on?" as so often the "new" pedal is XXXX's latest take on a famous mid boosting light overdrive for example. The Brute drive hit the market in the early 2010's and promised an entirely new drive designed from the ground up. E.W.S, a pedal building company based in Japan wanted to re-create classic distortion sounds in a pedal but they managed so much more.This pedal will give you all the "brute" aggression you relate with classic tones but it also hides some beautifully unexpected lower gain bluesy tones. These bluesy tones were so good in fact that blues god Eric Gales adopted the pedal and now even has his own signature version! Its not for us to tell you how the pedal sounds, the demo is there for you to decide how good it is for yourself, lets just say that we are adding this pedal because we use it ourselves and want you to experience it too. Have fun.