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EBS Sweden AB was founded by Bo Engberg (CEO) and Mats Kristoffersson (Technical Director) in 1988 in Stockholm, with one goal in mind – to build high-end bass equipment. The first product they launched was the EBS-1 rack-mounted bass preamp.

After selling three of their EBS-1 units to three excellent bass players (Flea: Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Jimmy Earl: Chick Corea Band / Billy Talbot: Neil Young & Crazy Horse) EBS received the recognition that it deserved. In 1993 their first pedal effect, the EBS Octa Bass was born and in the same year EBS started to produce their first Bass combo Amplifier – The Taurus 240.

Today EBS produces tube and transistor bass amps, bass cabinets, combo amps, pedal effects and accessories. Besides producing a wide range of high quality and successful products, EBS Sweden AB provides a distinct endorsement policy. Artists like Billy Sheehan, Tal Wilkenfeld, Marcus Miller, Tony Levin and many more are signed by EBS.

Whenever you check a bass player’s pedal board and gear, you’re most likely to find at least one EBS product.

After creating such a name for themselves in the bass world, EBS decided it's time to use their vast knowledge and experience for the sake of guitar players too. The truth is, that guitar players used EBS's bass pedals in their rig cause they're simply great. Gladly, now they can enjoy "all electric guitar" pedals with EBS's 'Red Label Pedals' series which contains three well thought-through guitar pedal effects including reverb, flange/chorus and compressor.
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EBS DynaVerb Studio Edition

8 Different reverb types in a simple layout. At first look you might miss it, but the EBS Dynaverb Studio Edition offers no less than 8 reverb types. The three main types are Room, Plate and Hall. The two first ones have three different sub types will the Hall has two. The crazy thing is, that this pedal is housed in a standard casing so you can have it on your board without worrying about space. The EBS Dynaverb is a great reverb in our opinion, we like how well it sounds, how simple it is to operate and the fact you can run it parallel for studio use.

EBS UniChorus Studio Edition

The right one. That is what Jeff Berlin felt when he first tried the EBS UniChorus Studio Edition pedal effect. This new edition of the original UniChorus sports a superb analog signal path which gives smooth and warm tone, switch from bypass to engaged and hear it for yourself. Use the Mode switch to select between Flanger, Chorus or Pitch Modulation modes. If you feel you need less or more of the wet signal, use the Mix internal control. Since 1977 the UniChorus is on boards of bass players, this Studio Edition version keeps the high quality expected from EBS and that unmistakable chorus sound we all like.

EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive
EBS_Billy Sheehan.png

"Compression, distortion, tone-shaping and blending all together..." The EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive is the result of a cooperation between bass icon Billy Sheehan and Sweden's renowned pedals and amplification maker EBS. The goal was clear from the get go, to recreate Billy's beloved Rig sound in a pedalboard friendly size. The Ultimate Signature Drive splits the signal to two parallel paths - a clean one and a distorted one - each controlled separately. The bass player has complete freedom as to how much clean or dirty tone should be in the mix and not only that, he or she can add compression, Hi-Lo filter, boost and phase invert to the signal. These features along with the mega cool, path dedicated effects loop, make the EBS Billy Sheehan Ultimate Signature Drive a true Swiss Army Knife for the working bass player.

EBS MultiDrive Studio Edition

A great overall drive for your bass. The EBS MultiDrive has such a simple layout it makes you wonder if it can deliver more than just a few sound options. Well, it can and it does. The 3 channels offered (Tubeism, Flat and Normal) are very different one from another. Combined with the wide range Drive control, you really do get a lot of sound possibilities. The MultiDrive has been in production since 2001. The version here is post 2015 one. It has a bigger headroom, more sensitivity and dynamics than the first version. EBS improved the complete signal path on this version of the MultiDrive, making it better than ever.

EBS MetalDrive Studio Edition

Distortion with full bottom! EBS MetalDrive Studio Edition delivers high-gain distortion for use in modern metal music, and other music styles that call for a mean distorted sound. It works equally well with guitar, and handle drop tuned guitars, 7-, and 8-string guitars without choking.

EBS Drive Me Crazy Distortion/Overdrive
EBS_Drive Me Crazy.png

More is more. As the name suggests, the EBS Drive Me Crazy pedal delivers a lot of gain! It will twist your clean tone, saturate it and if you need, you can push it even more. The Drive Me Crazy pedal was designed by EBS in collaboration with several Swedish top session musicians, this pedal works great with electric and bass guitars. The Thin-Deep voicing switch really comes handy depends on the pickups you use and the simple UI of the pedal leaves no place to doubt, we like that.

EBS Black Haze Distortion/Overdrive
EBS_Black Haze.png

Dual drive engines for great sustain. The EBS Black Haze is a nice little analog gain pedal for bass and guitar which, in our opinion, is worth your consideration. Thanks to its dual drive engine circuit, the Black Haze delivers a good amount of gain, sustain and harmony without hurting the low end of your tone. Use the 3 way switch to select the sound character you prefer. Thin will get you a more pronounced tone while Deep will darken your sound. The Black Haze is a new kind of a gain pedal for EBS, therefore we recommend comparing it head to head on the TonePedia player with the EBS Metal Drive or Multi Drive to understand its nuances better.

EBS The Drive Boost/Overdrive
EBS_The Drive.png

When you want to slightly saturate your tone. The EBS The Drive was released as a guitar pedal, but soon enough bass players realised it works so great for bass guitars too. Maybe it is simply in EBS's blood to make great bass pedals. The Drive is a light weight overdrive that can be used to boost and liven up your tone, or slightly saturate it. It is an easy to use pedal which can be set and forget for an entire session, works great with solid and tube amplifiers and compliments the overall tone of your bass or guitar.