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Earthquaker Devices

EarthQuaker pedals have established themselves as one of the leading brands in boutique pedals since their beginnings in 2004. Founder Jamie Stillman started out on his own in Akron, Ohio and gradually expanded to include a team of passionate pedal makers, including his wife, Julie.

The EarthQuaker family pack their pedals full of character and creative design. Each of their units is built completely by hand featuring bespoke graphics and quirky features. The team’s unique humour permeates the brand’s ethos. Their Speaker Cranker has only one setting for instance: “More”.  Aiming for the off-centre with weird and wonderful tweaks and combinations of standard effects, their pedals open up creative levels and sound worlds for players looking for psychedelic realms of character in their sound.

Guitarist Dallas Green of Alexisonfire rates the Disaster Transport SR as one of his favourites. The two-in-one pedal comes with expression controls for repeats and bleeds the two delay channels together, creating sounds hard to believe originating from a single unit. Another EarthQuaker fan is Omar Alfredo Rodriguez-Lopez of the Mars Volta and At the Drive-In. His favourites include the Rainbow Machine pitch shifter, featuring a button for “magic”, producing sounds that are exactly that and all the colours of the rainbow.

EarthQuaker takes care of their customers as if they were part of their own family, providing warranty with repair and replacement if anything should happen to your pedal. All that’s left in between then and your purchase is boundless rocking out.
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Earthquaker Devices Bellows

Vintage, tweed-type tone. The Earthquaker Devices Bellows is a transistor based overdrive to fuzz pedal that gets by with only two knobs - delivering a lot of character!One great thing about the Bellows is, that it works great with both electric bass and electric guitars. Whatever you plug into it, it will drive - actually, it will fuzz, too. On low drive settings the Bellows is a mild fellow, the easy to handle type. However, turning the drive knob to full will result in a full range fuzz straight out of fuzz land.To sum it up, the Earthquaker Devices Bellows is an extremely useful gain pedal that can drive an entire show, from the subtle first song to the shredding finale.

Earthquaker Devices Hoof V2

Hoof - Best of both worlds. Well, regarding Fuzz - the first decision one has to make is if you prefer Germanium or Silicon Transistors being used. A rather vintage inspired, smoother tone is produces by Germanium Transistors while the Silicon fuzz pedals are known to offer greater transparency and simply sound harsher, brighter and fuzzier. The EarthQuaker Devices Hoof, being a hybrid, pairs the good qualities of both Transistors delivering a smooth, natural and harmonically rich sustain. The Level, Fuzz and Tone controls operate in the usual way while the Shift knob lets you adjust the mid content- from classic scooped mids to more modern cutting mid-range frequencies.The EarthQuaker Hoof is hand build, all-analog, true bypass that can be powered by either battery or a regulated power supply.

Earthquaker Devices Ghost Echo V3

A scary vintage voiced reverb. The Ghost Echo V3 Reverb is a spring reverb emulation machine that generates anything from a slapback delay to spooky ambient sounds. With the Attack knob to go from 30 - 150 ms pre-delay, the Dwell control setting length and thickness of the decay and finally the wet/dry mix named Depth, it is a delight to adjust. Subtle settings sound very organic and are extremely responsive to the playing style. The real fun starts though when dialing the knobs clockwise up to the point of self-oscillation. Just before the infinite-loop you'll get a dark reverb with a very peculiar haunting sound.The Ghost Echo's updated V3 features a stronger reverb echo, new artwork, upgraded op-amps for lower noise and silent relay based switching. 

Earthquaker Devices Bellows

A Straight forward Fuzz. The Earthquaker Devices Bellows is a transistor based overdrive to fuzz pedal. With only two knobs this device delivers a lot of character! It's sound can be described as vintage, tweed-type tone. One great thing about the Bellows is, that it works great with both electric bass and electric guitars. Whatever you plug to it, it will drive. actually, it will fuzz too. on low drive setting the Bellows is a mild fella, the easy to handle type. However, turning the drive knob to full will result in a full range fuzz straight out of fuzz land.To sum it up, the Earthquaker Devices Bellows is an extremely useful gain pedal that can drive an entire show, from the subtle first song to the shredded finale.

Earthquaker Devices Westwood

Anything from clean boost to aggressive Overdrive. The Westwood Translucent Drive Manipulator combines a true clean boost with a two-band active EQ. Responding beautifully to the intensity of the pick attack and changes in the guitars volume, it reveals subtle nuances in the technique and tone. The simple four-knob layout enables intuitive sound shaping with the usual Level and Drive controls plus separate Treble and Bass controls. Fortunately, the EarthQuaker Westwood colors the core tone to a minimum extent when the EQ controls are set to the center detents. Anyhow, when in action the Treble control delivers up to 20dB boost or cut at frequencies around 2kHz while the Bass control operates at around 80Hz. It's all-analog, can be powered by either battery or regulated power supply and the true-bypass switch is relay-based to ensure silent switching.

Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander V2
Bit Commander V2.png

A Bit Of A Synth The Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander V2 is a bit of a Marmite(c) pedal when simply heard but when played we don't think anyone is capable of holding back a smile. There's something deep down in the soul of mankind which stirs at having control over deep sub octaves mixed with a square wave fuzz, it may not be exactly useful on the latest blues album but didn't we all start playing guitar for the way it makes us feel!?The tones within the Bit Commander are close to the legendary MXR Blue Box but where as the MXR has just two controls, the Bit Commander has 6 including an octave up and so in turn enters much more synthy territory. It is possible to dial the Bit Commander in subtly for an octavia style tone but that's a bit like buying a Ferrari only to pop to the local shops ... any octavia will do that sound but they can't do the rest of what this glorious pedal can. Go on, don't be scared ... give it good play with! 

Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter V3
Earthquaker Grand Orbiter Machine.png

Its Not Just A Phase Phasers tend to be either EXTREMEMLY simple or way too much, however with the Grand Orbiter 4 stage phaser, Earth Quaker Devices have a great balance of easy to understand control mixed with a bunch of possibility. Rates 1 & 3 are simply fast and slow modes but Rate option 2 is interesting in how it'll freeze the phase at a point, players may be familiar with the concept of a "cocked" wah where-in a wah pedal is turned on but not rocked back and forward as we traditionally use a wah. Instead the player leaves it at a point producing an interesting thin or throaty tone.This is a very similar idea and a pretty cool one at that! The sweep control curtails how high and low the phase reaches which is great for suiting it to your amp and guitar tones. 

Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
Dispatch Master.png

All you need... The Dispatch Master is further evidence of Earthquaker Devices' accurate and innovative approach when it comes to their pedals. Featuring a high-class reverb, a warm-voiced digital Delay and the ability to blend both effects together while savouring your core tone with an analog dry through signal path. Sonic versatility combined with its intuitive four-knob layout in a compact footprint makes this pedal highly desirable either as an "always on" pedal or as an effective stomp.If you like country-style slapback delays, subtle reverbs or ambient soundscapes, with up to 1.5 seconds of delay time the Dispatch Master will serve you faithfully. Enabling delay and reverb at the same time produces some amazing washed out tones without self-oscillation or loss of control.Hand-built, true-bypass and featuring silent, relay-based, soft touch switches this pedal is a treat. 

Earthquaker Devices Plumes

Could this be the best overdrive for under €100? The term plumes refers to feathers which spread out from a point becoming thicker along the way or clouds resembling this same thing. This parallels with the story of a little green overdrive from Japan which over the years has been adopted by almost every pedal manufacturer on our little blue marble floating through space. And now it's Earthquaker’s turn, but they haven’t simply approached it as a copy ... oh no, that's not the Earthquaker way! First up and a change we love is the tone control behaves like an EQ boost. 7-10 o’clock boosts the lows, noon boosts the mids and of course 2-5 will increase the high’s! The 3 way clipping offers up LED symmetrical clipping, the LED adding a more aggressive touch. A-symmetrical clipping in a similar way to Boss’s SD-1 and no diodes .. when you bypass components this can result in a volume increase and here it does. If you’re looking to really drive your amp then that setting will do it for sure! Let us know which settings you like the most! 

Earthquaker Devices Park Fuzz
Earthquaker Devices Park Fuzz.png

A Stroll In The Park There's a tonne of vintage fuzz clones but with this EarthQuaker teamed up with the owners of Park Amplification to work uncover the mysteries behind the Park Fuzz.The original was mysterious because the components were unlabelled, so EQD painstakingly tested several vintage units until they were able to create a match.A straight up copy wasn't enough though as players demands have changed, more gain was added for example as was a 9v centre negative power jack. The biggest change of course is the size which is now pedalboard friendly we're glad to say. 

Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine V2
Rainbow Machine V2.png

The Many Shades Of A Rainbow This is a pedal which needs to be heard to be believed ... and understood.Not many pedals have such a great range of tones as the Rainbow machine and in our demos you're able to create wonderous sparkling waves of musical colour one minute then torturous tones from the hell beast himself. At the heart of this amazing pedal is a pitch shifter which doesn't define certain pitches but instead encourages you to send the wet signal out of tune, this can result in some beautiful chorus tones when used subtly. Split this further with use of the primary and secondary controls then dial in an ultra fast delay regen with the Magic control. We simply love how out of the box but still usable this pedal is and can't wait to hear your thoughts about it too. 

Earthquaker Devices Erupter

"Ultimate Fuzz tone". That's what Earthquaker Devices state about their Erupter pedal which took over two excessive years in the making. The idea was to create a dead simple, silicon-based Fuzz that works with any guitar, any pick-up configuration and anywhere in the signal chain. We think this mission is accomplished!The Erupter gets by with just one knob and it's neither Fuzz nor Level since these settings are pre-fixed. It let's you bias the NOS silicon transistors or with other words the flow of voltage to the circuit. Dialed counter clockwise the Erupter sounds more gated and authentically resembles the feel of a dying battery. Dialing it clockwise produces a louder, more refined, saturated and sheer explosive tone. At 12 o'clock is a harmonically rich, sweet spot marked by a potentiometer detente.Fortunately, using the guitars volume to clean up the sound and control the output level works brilliantly.Hand crafted, all-analog, true-bypass and powered by either 9 volt battery or regulated power supply.

Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold
Acapulco Gold V2.png

When it's really good, one knob is enough! We just love the fact Earthquaker Devices equipped their Acapulco Gold distortion with one knob only - a volume knob. So simplistic, so good. Just plug in your guitar, choose your favourite amplifier, enable the Acapulco and rock hard.The Earthquaker Deviced Acapulco Gold is based on a fully cranked Sunn Model T amplifier, therefore it really does not need anything but a volume knob. The sound you get is a healthy, clear and broad kind of distortion which makes you want to hit the guitar harder and harder. It has immense amounts of sustain and a heavy tone when the guitar's volume knob is set to maximum, but once you lower your guitar's output, the Acapulco Gold becomes more transparent and subtle.The Earthquaker Devices Acapulco Gold is an all-analog beast, truck, tank... a great distortion pedal!

Earthquaker Devices Hummingbird V4
Earthquaker Hummingbird.png

Hmmmmming Modelled on the vintage “repeat percussion” unit and similar to those found in old Valco and Vox amplifiers the Hummingbird is a choppy, sawtooth tremolo.Its capable of producing everything from classic “50’s style” shimmering tremolo to synthy, delay-like chops which turn your signal into a burst of short pings and on through to near ring modulation speeds.The Hummingbird also has a lot of clean gain on-tap allowing you to either boost or cut the signal using the level control. Turn the depth to zero and the Hummingbird becomes a JFET clean boost which always sound amazing into a hot amp.

Earthquaker Devices Spatial Delivery V2
EarthQuaker Spetial Delivery.png

Wah's Going On Earthquaker Devices (EQD) have a lot of fun with their releases so when they announced their Envelope Filter / Auto Wah people watched! A lot of players avoid these types of effects as they're either seen as "Something a bassist uses ... ya know, like compressors" or when they've tried them in the past they were one trick ponies and that trick wasn't great.What EQD have managed to achieve with the Spatial Delivery is a very simple to use pedal featuring a metric tonne of amazing tones. Yes you can achieve the auto wah effect but there's so much more going on here even heading into the forbidden realm of SYNTHESIS. Go, play, enjoy!