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Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master

Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master

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The Dispatch Master is further evidence of Earthquaker Devices' accurate and innovative approach when it comes to their pedals. Featuring a high-class reverb, a warm-voiced digital Delay and the ability to blend both effects together while savouring your core tone with an analog dry through signal path. Sonic versatility combined with its intuitive four-knob layout in a compact footprint makes this pedal highly desirable either as an "always on" pedal or as an effective stomp.

If you like country-style slapback delays, subtle reverbs or ambient soundscapes, with up to 1.5 seconds of delay time the Dispatch Master will serve you faithfully.
Enabling delay and reverb at the same time produces some amazing washed out tones without self-oscillation or loss of control.

Hand-built, true-bypass and featuring silent, relay-based, soft touch switches this pedal is a treat. 

Specs: Dispatch Master

Weight (in g) 254.00
Voltage 9
Polarity -
Circuit Digital
Main FX Delay
Additional FX Reverb
Manufacturer Earthquaker Devices
Size (Dimensions W x D X H in mm) 60 x 121 x 58
Made In USA


Playing It
Tutorial Video