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Diamond Pedals

Diamond Pedals brings an immense amount of innovation to the world of guitars. The company's pedals are found on pedalboards of world famous guitar players. For example, The Edge uses the Diamond VIB1 Vibrato, Andy Timmons uses the TRM1 Tremolo and Ed O'Brien and Johnny Marr use the CPR1 Compressor.

Diamond Pedals was founded by Michael Knappe who holds close to 30 patents in the field of psychoacoustic  and signal processing algorithms. The company's goal is to create pedals that improve the sound quality of the modern guitar player while maintaining the familiar product usability. You will not find any Diamond Pedals effect to be a clone of some other famous pedal as each of their pedals really stands on its own.
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Diamond Pedals 902 Nine Zero Two

Simple, yet versatile! In Short – The 902 is as rich as an overdriven tube amplifier when it comes to sound. It is an nonlinear, simple overdrive which we found to be pretty versatile yet simple. It is based on multiple discrete transistor gain stages placed in series, with each stage using a different type of gain circuit, resulting in a complex, nonlinear amplification response. Simple gain pedals can be tricky. It is all about what's under the hood. With the 902 Diamond pedals, as always, took the job seriously and created a simple UX pedal that actually delivers a wide range of sound options. The combination of multiple discrete transistors on the gain side with their amp-like tone stack lets you drive the 902 from light dirt to a smooth saturation. The 902 can be used with a 9V battery or an adapter, has a true bypass switch and built to last.

Diamond Pedals CPR1 Compressor

Dynamic and shaping tool for the stage and studio guitar player. When Diamond Pedals designed the CPR1 Compressor, they tried to bring to the guitar world the vocal recording approach where the preamp, compressor, and EQ are all in one unit. We think it is mission accomplished! The EQ control shapes the overall frequency balance in a magnificent way really, the post signal is smooth and the ground noise is at bay. In case you are using it with a gain pedal and experience the commonly added  white noise you can open the Diamond CPR1 Compressor's casing and switch the high cut filter. No wonder it is one of the most regarded new age compressors in the industry.