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The D’Angelico company is no less than a legend reborn!

Born in 1905 in Little Italy, on Manhattan's Lower East Side, John D’Angelico became an apprentice to his grand uncle Signor Ciani when he was only 9 years old. Signor Ciano was an expert violin and mandolin maker. D’Angelico adopted the principles from his grand uncle and incorporated them into his world-renowned and strictly hand-made archtop guitars. He produced them in a very limited quantity — during the late 1930s John and his two employees produced approx. 35 instruments per year.

In the 1940s John D’Angelico was already known as the finest builder of archtop guitars although some generous offers were made by large manufacturers, John D’Angelico kept his independence as he knew that his loyalty lay on the craft of his instruments. In the cold winter of 1964, D'Angelico passed away from heart failure. He was only 59 years old.

47 years after D’Angelico’s death the brand was rebuilt by an enthusiastic and ambitious team in D’Angelico’s home town, New York City. The passion and meticulous attention to supreme sound and details which John was renowned for remained within the company.

D’Angelico, a legend reborn!
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D'Angelico Excel 175

Just breathe. You’re not seeing things. The EX-175 is the only D’Angelico archtop equipped with a Bigsby vibrato. With a

D'Angelico Excel DC

The EX-DC is D’Angelico’s response to the rising popularity of the double-cutaway semi-hollow electric guitar. Powered b

D'Angelico Excel SS

The EX-SS packs a lot of punch in its 15-inch body, the smallest of all the D’Angelico archtops. Truly a versatile instr

D'Angelico Excel 59

Originally designed by master-luthier John D’Angelico in 1959, the EX-59 is a classic archtop but equipped with P-90 pic