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Cole Clark

Cole Clark combines traditional guitar craftsmanship with modern design and manufacturing techniques in order to produce fine guitars for the performing artist. Their guitars are considered, light, unique and robust. One of the things Cole Clark guitars are famous for is their innovative and exceptionally good sounding patented pickup system.

The company uses the traditional Spanish heel building technique, which is less common in acoustic guitars production. In this technique the neck is glued to the face along with the sides and the back so the neck is one piece all the way to the sound hole. The result is a unique sounding acoustic guitar which resembles no other. 

Cole Clarks is also one of the only companies that produces guitars using mostly non endangered woods. Not only that, the company promotes sustainability by using Australian grown woods and fallen trees. In fact, apart from the fingerboard and bridge, around 85% of Cole Clark guitars are made from 100% sustainable timbers.

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Cole Clark FL2 EC RDBL

An All Australian woods stunner. No need in describing it. The Cole Clark FL2EC-RDBL is a great looking guitar! The Australian grown American Redwood top is simply beautiful and goes so well with the Australian Blackwood body. All woods are solid, needless to say. But looks is not the only thing you will get from the Cole Clark's Fat Lady 2 EC-RDBL, the sound it projects is well defined and balanced, making it one of Cole Clark's most selling instrument. Important to mention that Cole Clark recommends not to play percussive pieces on the FL2EC-RDBL due to the sensitivity of the top. For the pickup players in the crowd, this model comes with Cole Clark's Analogue 3-way system so you are all set to take the stage and enjoy a superb amplified sound.

Cole Clark AN2 EC BLBL

The guitar you need when going percussive style! Blackwood is the most sturdy timber Cole Clark uses, therefore it is a pretty popular wood choice among percussive style guitar players. The Cole Clark AN2EC-BLBL features all solid Australian Blackwood back, sides and top, grand auditorium body shape, She Oak fingerboard and the infamous Cole Clark 3-way pickup system. Actually, the majority of sold Cole Clark guitars feature Blackwood body, therefore the AN2EC-BLBL delivers a classic Cole Clark sound, good punch on the mid and low ranges, open highs and great sound when going amplified. But watch out - due to its characteristics, Blackwood may sound a little too bright at the beginning of its life as it needs to be played and opened up.

Cole Clark AN1 E BM

Great value for an all solid Cole Clark guitar with a superb pickup system. There, we said it! The Cole Clark AN1E-BM is just great when it comes to delivering great tone for your money. It is an all solid guitar for starters, it has Queensland Maple body and Bunya top, both grown in Australia and yield to an open sounding guitar with lots of sparkle. If you really love low end then we recommend checking out other Cole Clark guitars, however, if you are in the market for a fabulous finger picking/strumming guitar that shines, this might be the perfect guitar for you. The Angel 1 E Bunya/Maple has Cole Clark's 3-way pickup system which is considered as one of the best acoustic guitar amplification systems out there, and for that price range it is no wonder the Cole Clark AN1E-BM is such hot commodity.

Cole Clark FL2 EC BB

Tasmanian Blakwood and Australian Bunya. The Bunya top on the Cole Clark FL2EC-BB is a sustainable Australian one, it can handle climate extremes better than the softer timbers guitars are usually made of. The combination of Bunya top and Tasmanian Blackwood body results in a clear guitar which sounds exceptionally good when amplified. That is why it is so great that this model comes with Cole Clark's Analogue 3-way system which is magnificent.

Cole Clark AN2 EC BB

The beauty of sustainable timbers. Cole Clark's CCAN2EC-BB is made of 100% sustainable timbers that replace other common endangered timbers used in the guitar industry. The Bunya & Blackwood combination has a lively sound with mid-fast attack, it is pretty responsive. The Angel 2 BB comes with a cutaway and the infamous Cole Clark 3-way pickup system which is truly a great amplification system for the stage. One thing we noticed immediately is how light the guitar is, making it a perfect standing guitar.

Cole Clark AN2 EC RDBL

As clear as it gets. From the first chord on, the Cole Clark AN2EC-RDBL proved itself to be a clear and open sounding guitar. The all solid Tasmanian Blackwood back&sides and American Redwood top combination is not only beautiful but also delivers a well defined and accurate tone. The Angel body size is essentially a grand auditorium size and fits for any kind of playing style really. The 1.73" / 44mm nut is comfortable for both open chords and more complicated chord arrangements. Important to mention that Cole Clark recommends not to play percussive pieces on the AN2EC-RDBL due to the sensitivity of the top. For the pickup players in the crowd, this model comes with Cole Clark's Analogue 3-way system so you are all set to take the stage and enjoy a superb amplified sound.

Cole Clark FL2 EC BLBL

An all Australian Blackwood stunner. Damn Australian Blackwood is a good looking timber! And when you combine this with the detailed sound of the Cole Clark FL2EC-BLBL you get an awesome looking and sounding guitar. Australian Blackwood resembles to Koa and much like the latter, Blackwood tends to start it's life bright sounding but the more you play it the more defined the mid and low ranges will become. The presence of this guitar is simply beautiful, it is great for percussive style and fingerpicking, you and your audience will hear every detail in your music. Speaking of audience, the FL2EC-BLBL is equipped with Cole Clark's 3-way pickup system, so on stage or in studio, you are guaranteed to have quality amplified sound.

Cole Clark FL1 EC BM

An open and bright dreadnought guitar with a superb pickup system. To us it is no surprise that the Cole Clark FL1EC-BM is a best seller. The bright and open sound, the great attack and healthy low to low-mid range make it a good sounding guitar which fits plenty of playing styles. Now add to this the all solid woods and the infamous Cole Clark 3-way analogue pickup system and there you have it. Touching the 2000$, it is not a cheap guitar, but definitely delivers a lot for it's price and as soon as you listen to the demos, if you haven't done so already, you'll understand why so many musicians choose the Cole Clark FL1EC-BM as their main guitar.