Boden Neck-Thru Metal 6

Could this be the greatest metal guitar of all time? 

This Strandberg* Boden Metal is the beast of the range and now Strandberg have put a steak through its heart.

Neck Thru instruments are commended by players for the excellent resonance and feel through the neck. Most neck thru instruments are basses due to the requirement of extra resonance however they have been very popular with metal players for much the same reasons. 

The Wings of this are chambered alder which allows Strandberg to tune the overall sound by the amount of chambering. 

Across the entire top is a solid maple top which ties everything in together. 

The appearance of these special brutal beasts are striking to say the least in Yellow Pearl and Purple Pearl both with a satin finish there’s no denying these guitars are designed to make a statement … and maybe eat a few people in the process. 

The entire Boden range pays careful consideration to how we play differently at various parts of the fretboard the specialized neck carve adapts our hands to more easily reach those harder to reach notes effortlessly both low down and high up the neck. 

However on this model takes that a step further allowing even easier access to the highest notes. The Fishman Fluence pickup are regard by many metal players to be the best available today and as such sit comfortably at home here. Then the frets which are fan fretted. This isn’t done so for appearance, the subtle fanning gives greater accuracy to intonation without making notes strange to play. 

This is an instrument which will still look as stunning and fresh in 30 years time as it does today.

Boden Neck-Thru Metal 6 technical specifications

Manufacturer Strandberg
Series Boden
Made In Indonesia
GTIN 14 00819052021778
Manufacturer Part Number BD6CT-19N-E-M-PL
Serial Number C1908412
Colour Black
Left/Right Handed Left Handed, Right Handed
Body Type Chambered
Body Shape Family Other
Top Material Family Ash
Body Material Family Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Fretboard Material Family Brownwood
Neck Material Family Birch
String Number 6
Number of Frets 17
Pickup Configuration H
Pickup Brand Aguilar
Pickup Active/Passive Active, Passive
Tremolo Yes, No
Tremolo Brand Aria
Left-Friendly? Yes, No

Boden Neck-Thru Metal 6 reviews & comparison videos

Boden Neck-Thru Metal 6 reviews & comparison

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