Hoof V2

Hoof – Best of both worlds. 

Well, regarding Fuzz – the first decision one has to make is if you prefer Germanium or Silicon Transistors being used. A rather vintage inspired, smoother tone is produces by Germanium Transistors while the Silicon fuzz pedals are known to offer greater transparency and simply sound harsher, brighter and fuzzier. The EarthQuaker Devices Hoof, being a hybrid, pairs the good qualities of both Transistors delivering a smooth, natural and harmonically rich sustain. 
The Level, Fuzz and Tone controls operate in the usual way while the Shift knob lets you adjust the mid content- from classic scooped mids to more modern cutting mid-range frequencies.

The EarthQuaker Hoof is hand build, all-analog, true bypass that can be powered by either battery or a regulated power supply.

Hoof V2 technical specifications

Manufacturer Earthquaker Devices
Made In USA
GTIN 14 00858933004875
Manufacturer Part Number EQDHOOF, 255246, 80028971, EQD HOOF V2, EQD-HOOF-V2
Serial Number 8093, 8091
FX Acoustic Simulator
Additional FX Acoustic Simulator
Type Pedal
Jacks mounted on One side
Bypass Buffered Bypass
Battery? No
Polarity Center Positive
Circuit Digital
Tube equipped? No
Colour Black

Hoof V2 reviews & comparison videos

Hoof V2 reviews & comparison

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