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B&G Guitars Standard Build All Mahogany Cut

B&G Guitars Standard Build All Mahogany Cut

The "Tone Machine" Private Build Little Sister Guitar, as a production line. 

Here is something you do not see every day in the world of high end guitars. B&G looked back and cheery picked the most requested private build features the workshop has received ever since its foundation, and created a new line, aimed to reduce the cost so that all players who want a Little Sister but could not afford one, would be able to do so. To us, the Mahogany Little Sister is the most unique sounding one. There is something open and dry in it, that is enchanting. If Robert Johnson were to play electric guitars, we believe he would have liked this one. From the B&G Hand-wound P90s, to finish, quality and playability, this is a private build. It is made in Tel Aviv, by the same luthiers that build the Private Build models. Only the price is lower and customisation is not an option. Take into account that the All Mahogany only comes as a cutaway version, being a true Blues-Rock Machine, we totally understand why.

Specs: Standard Build All Mahogany Cut

Number of Frets 22
String Number 6
Specific Wood Neck Mahogany
Specific Wood Fretboard Indian Rosewood
Scale Length (inch) 24.75
Body Shape Single Cut
Body Type Chambered
Specific Wood Body African Mahogany
Specific Wood Top Mahogany
Specific Colour Natural
Manufacturer B&G Guitars
Series Standard Build
Made In Israel
Based on famous model? B&G Private Build Little Sister All Mahogany P90
Pickup Configuration P90-P90
Pickup Brand B&G Guitars
Neck Pickup Model Hand Wound P90’s
Bridge Pickup Model Hand Wound P90’s